Saturday, May 30, 2009

pics of swim

this is aria in the turn where she floats on her back
swimming to the stairs

Thanks to Cachay and her cool mini cam that goes under water. I want one now:)

Cakes and Wierd(nosey) People

Last week i made a wedding cake along with many other crafts! I also encountered a weird lady at OfficeMax on Tuesday of this week. Why bring these both up? b/c they left a weird taste in my mouth. Let me explain...

The wedding cake... I just left the place feeling sad that it was so windy for the big day of this Bride i never met but only talked to. The ribbon on the cake wasn't working very well. The bride's mom was having a very stressful few hours and little things just seemed to be going wrong like the caterers were 2 hours early, no trash cans were designate for the outdoors( except for an ugly one with a crack in it, the cake ribbon was odd, and its was super WARM like 89-91 outside. Oh, and the B&G didn't even show up until after i left ( many mins. after the reception was supposed to have started at.) So, I left there with a weird taste in my mouth.

I took only B with me to OfficeMax on Tues to get shipping stuff and i get down this aisle and this hispanic lady says to me - what a pretty girl you have, who does she look like? i said she looks like her b-mom but a lot like Brandon( blue eyes, blonde hair) Oh, you adopted her? the lady says in somewhat of a shocked tone. I said yeah, we did and she says- does she know she's adopted( all of this in front of B) and i said yes and briefly explained that it's an open adoption and that B loves her Tummy Mommy and Her Mommy. the lady said- well of course she loves her REAL mom. Does she see her? i told her she does from time to time and then she asked me how long have i had her? I said she was placed in our arms at 5 days old and we finalized her adoption a few months after that. So, what do you tell her about her adoption?, said the woman. I told her that God had a special Plan for B to be born to her tummy mommy so she could find her way through her, to be part of our family forever. It's a very spiritual thing.The lady said "So, I guess she's pretty much Your daughter and your her mom then, anyways!"
I was thinking in my head "Duh, you silly person. "poor lady, she just doesn't understand that every child deserves a MOM and DAD", i think all babies Deserve to have 2 parents and Every opportunity to live in healthy family enviroment.

anywho, it left a bad taste in my mouth.

Okay Happy NEWS...

Congrats to:
Traci and Jake (our fingers are crossed and we are praying for a smooth placement in the next few weeks)
Vanessa and her hubby - congrats on being prego with #2, you ahve been trying forever:)
Cachay and Joey- Cograts on #3 due in January( please land on my b-day if you can, baby!)
Jamie M-Green in Idaho and her hubby on #2 on the way looks like another winter baby too!
Belated Congrats to Lori and her family with the recent adoption of baby KYLE! YAY!
To Cousin Corrie and friend Lori H.- Glad the cancer is gone. You both have battle scars on your necks that remind me of how strong you both are. Our prayers are with you that you may always stay in remission and never have nasty thyroid or lymphatic cancer again!

Annalisa, You are our baby Cousin of all the Beach Clan and we are so happy you are graduating next week. You are like the sparkling Gem that ends the long strand of pearls in our family. Keep being a great girl!

Things i can't wait to see:

Baby Chase
Baby Kace
Baby Shea
So you Think You Can Dance in Vegas, next week
me get pregnant soon( still working on it)
pics of Crystal's Home
my friend Katrina call me
The Sandy Beaches of San Diego
My cousin graduate
Us get a family car this next week
My daughters's smiles tomorrow
My sister call me back
Pics of all my nephews

Love you all!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Gym n Swim

Here's our girlies!
Aria Finally LOVES to swim and float! Today in her class she splashed and smiled while being challenged to turn and float on her own when she needs a breath! She got out of the pool HAPPY!
It takes a while for little ones to enjoy something new. But once they have confidence in the gained skills- then it's FUN! I can't wait to play with Aria in the pool on Saturday. She loves swimming from person to person or from us to the steps. Remember she's not quite 2 yet.
Brielle had a fun month of gymnastics as she went 2 times a week. The first couple times she loved it. She still likes it but would prefer to swim in this crazy heat.
She loves everything like frog hops and beam work. She' s almost got a kiddo 4 pack abs. She's getting strong! we will resume gymnastics in the fall!

Gotta Love them two! They are both sassy and loving sisters and often times Brielle will come and whine to me that Aria hit her or took something and I'll respond with something like( just to see what she will say or do) " Go hit her back!" Then B will say to me" I don't want to" I ask her why and she says" cuz she's my baby sister and i love her" I am so glad B is such a good girl!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Too silly and more...

Brielle always amazes me with things she comes up with. Yesterday she said to Aria( very matter-of-factly) "You are NOT wearing a Necklace so, you CAN NOT be in the Strong Bug Club, Aria!
(referring to Miss Spider's show)

I was doing her hair the other day and had the water going as i kept putting the brush under the water and she said" turn it off, mom, your wasting water!" I said Your right and i turned it off!

Today she said " look at this yellow-orange spot on my leg ( a very old bruise). It looks like a tiny cantaloupe"

I also tell her that we can do certain things together once Aria is down for a nap. She will tell me "mom, Aria looks ready to go to sleep now, Can we go swimming?"at like 10 am "Aria said she's tired can you put her down now?" " Can you put her in her bed now so we can go shopping" She finds reasons why Aria needs to take a nap! It's funny!
Aria naps at 1 ish so people should call me then but, i might be swimming with B or out at the store while brandon works from the home office! It's great!

Have a Great Memorial Day!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Here's what I've been up to...

Click here to see!

Also, Aria is getting really good at swimming and I'll take pics of her this week. We had a great fun Saturday in the pool, at the splash park for Sophie's B-day and then I went to the Wyson's for a little visit with Cachay and Friends.

I finished a ton of projects and am looking forward finishing Diesel's pics, the girls pics, making about 15 or so baby bracelets and a couple sets, maybe more, fulfilling another crochet flower order for Candy Elephant, sewing a Diaper clutch for i class i will teach in late June at Quiltique and maybe whipping out a few more dresses for MY girls this time-I'm probably just going to use fabric i have and make these dresses more like Play Dresses or something to throw over the swimsuit when the towel dresses are dirty or just not enough.

Oh, and this Saturday i will be delivering a 3 tiered wedding cake for Jessica Penman's wedding. That process starts Thursday night with a few hours of baking. Now, that i have a double oven, it speeds up the baking process- loving the Viking Professional, baby! Then Friday, I ice the cakes and stick them in the freezer-.Saturday, I detail and deliver them around 5-5:30 then i plan on going over Angie D's for a BBQ/pool party! It will be a nice way to end a semi-stressful cake day!

Hope you all have great week!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

funny things from B's lips...

Brielle said this to me in the car this morning on the way to the gym...
She was really trying to tell me so seriously....

"Mom, Baby Jesus was a baby, then he got big, then he was a baby again and He cracked open, like an egg and blood went everywhere!"( her eyes were huge in my rear view mirror)
She said CRACKED OPEN with so much emotion i could help but laugh. It was so cute.

I think she got confused with last Easter's talk and Last Christmas's Talk.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


YAY! It's Mother's Day! I just wanted to congratulate all the 1st time Mother's Day Moms! It means so much more once you become a mom. You understand that your mom sacrificed so much for you. You also realize what YOU want to do different as a mother to your own children.

That aside, Every Year i have talked about the amazing Birth-mother that placed Brielle with us. She made me a MOM first. I am so blessed and grateful for that selfless gift. I wish you a Happy Mother's Day too! But, this time I want to write about my girls and my own mother, mother -in-law and grandmother's...

The Late Grandma Hellyar (Florence) was such a lover and so sweet and loved to tell us amazing stories about her childhood in the pre and post war era, with 8 brothers. She massaged our feet and legs everytime we visited! It was something we looked forward to and she told us her stories and family history and she rubbed our soles! She was a nurse back in the day and loved taking care of others. I always saw her have other people living with her that she was taking care of. Some were older than her, some were just in need of physical help. She loved to cook and always had some sweet bread or pie made or something nice. She was a true nuturing mother. Thanks for Loving me, Grandma! We all LOVE and miss you!

Grandma Billie Jean ( my Mom's Mom) is such a LIVELY grandma. Some of my favorite memories were of Grandma teaching me how to dance or talking a walk with me around McGee Creek. She loved music and dance and danced professionally as a young woman. She loved Musicals and recanting stories of her youth as a dairy hieress( or cattle, i can't remember if her father raised dairy cow's or angus)She had servants and private lessons and was her dad's jewel!
She has a Major sweet tooth and LOVED to feed treats to us too. i remember one day while at McGee we had 2 pieces of cinnamano toast and Milk for breakfast, a popsicle after our lunch, and a Bowl full or Rootbeer and ice cream all in one day. we might have even had Marshmallows too! Gma has always been so sweet in every way. She has a heart of Gold just like her late husband, Leonard. they both love everyone unconditionally.I LOVE YOU GRANDMA!

Betty, ( Brandon's Mom) I am so lucky, YOU are the mother Brandon had! God knew what he was doing when He sent Brandon to your family! I love that Man you raised! You taught him to be sweet and respectful to ladies and to me. He's a FANTASTIC DADDY to his girls! He is a great communicator and helper and provider. You did a Terrific Job! You are also a fabulous Grandma to our girls! You watch them on the occasional weekend and they always are asking to go back to your home. They love their special time with You and you too have such a great Heart. I'm so glad we have grown so close in these last couple years! I'm lucky to have you as a Mother in Law! Love you to pieces!

My Mom has always been a huge-hearted person as well. even so that sometimes it leaves her open to being hurt. She loves unconditionally as well. we are commanded to Love as Christ and God Love US, so we are to love others. My mom showed me this when she would bring dinners to those in need, take in a nephew who needed help, talk to us and made sure we knew she loved us. She sacrificed so much so we could be taken care of. She left notes in our lunch or on our pillows. She supported us at games, plays, concerts. She made us realize we had great potential and she taught me to LOVE as well. Mom, is very honest and candid and BLUNT. which i prefer that people be direct in communication instead of beat around the bush. She loves adventure and the outdoors. She so motivated in many ways and reminds me often that i need to SHARE the gifts that God gave me with others. I appreciate all she did for us amid her struggles in her personal relationships. She is so Happy with Carl and He's an amazing addition to her life and Mine. I'm so lucky to have a trusting loving relationship with my mom. thanks so much for taking care of every need i ever had growing up. I LOVE YOU!

My Girls... Brielle, you made me a mother! Aria, you helped Brielle become a caring big sister and me become a better Mother. I'm so lucky that you picked me to be your mommy! You two drive me bonkers sometimes but, i mostly can't get enough of you. It's wierd how at night I look forward to you going to bed but after about 2 hours, I wish you'd hurry and wake up so we can play and snuggle, swim, jump, laugh and be together. I am so excited to see you both grow and progress but i want you to SLOW DOWN! Brielle, you are way too smart!(and you keep me on my toes) How do you understand things like planets and counting to 25 so fast! Aria, You are way too physical! You can figure things out and move just about anything anywhere. Many times, i have seen you unlock the baby gate and try to hold it as it's falling down on you and you yell for help. How did you figure that out? You girls amaze me everyday! I love you both so much and am so glad I'm your mommy, even when I'm grumpy. Brielle and Aria, You are the best Mother's Day gift anyone could ask for. Just keep giving me kisses and hugs! Love you Sugars and Teeny Bits!


Friday, May 8, 2009

Christian Photography

A place to land all my Photos, or at least the BEST OF my pics! A few people were getting disgruntled that i had my photos of NON-CCBABYINC related things on my CCBABYINC blog. So, here's my dedicated Blog just for Photography. Watch it progress! Also, If you haven't figured out, I'm kind of using Blogs as folders. Each blog contains something specific. That way i don't just jumble everything into one blog and make a huge mess.

Say, Hi to the world, Myla! (our pug)

real address:

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Teey Bits...

O' Sass! Aria is full of energy and Sassiness! She's been swimming all last week and Brielle did 2 trial gymnastics classes. Aria is thinking she can just throw fits all the time but I'm reading up on my Love and Logic tools. I put her in time out at Brielle's gym class. She hated it but made it through and was a better behaved girlie!
Brielle has taught her a bit of sneaky-ness too! what am I going to do with these girls of mine? they make me CRaZy sometimes! Maybe I'm not PREGNANT b/c God knows i couldn't handle three yet. I've got my work cut out for me.
She looks like she'd hiding something from me, here!
More later!