Friday, December 28, 2007

Playing Catch-up!

One of my New years Resolutions is to be more on time with my blogs and more frequent in my journaling. But , until then...

Here's a few pics from the vault. I will try to post a lot this next week and hopefully do a brief overview of the last year with the girls and such. These ones are recent and i will work my way backwards for a bit (or not) we will see.

So here's some more pics from the past month. Brandon and i played Mary and Joseph and Aria was baby Jesus at our ward party. She was NOT a still, silent night- baby Jesus. She was a Hallelujah Chorus Baby Jesus until i let her suckle on my finger. It went well other than that. A lady said to me that Aria was just saying her lines (rather singing them). All in all it was fun. We took our neighbor kids with us and they did pretty good considering the circumstances.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Pictures!

Hey fans! Here's the pics of the girls i took a couple weeks ago. Christmas went great and i'll post about it again soon, when i get back home. Also, i have a webcam now so if you have an AIM account you can webcam me. I have the same profile/username as this account. It's been fun doing the webcam with my sister, Cristiana. We were able to read stories to each other with our kids, and see everything that was going on in each other's houses. I love it! More later!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Old Turkey!

So yeah, i'm playing catch up with some pics. we had a great Thanksgiving with Brandon's parents and the Fairbanks family, all of which we love. Brielle especially love Talmage!!! He's slightly older than her but it's all innocent. They almost look related. We had great food and the day went well and it just flew by.

Now there's only 22 days till Christmas. It's nuts! It's finally cold here in LV. It's like 34 at night and 50-65 in the daytime. I love carrying Aria around in my slings with a little Beanie on her head(pics of that later). I love getting sweaters out and scarves and things of that sort. I love the smell of wood burning stoves and cinnamon spices too. I am going to craft and bake all week and finish my shopping and projects and just have fun. My goal is to be done by the end of the week with ALL gifts and things for everyone. Let's see if i can do it. Well, in choir were singing the song Somewhere in My Memory, and i love the lines...Precious Moments, Special people, happy faces i can see. Living in my memory, all of the music, all of the magic , all of the family , home here with me. That's what Christmastime is all about! Brielle is getting the santa stuff and is understand the Baby Jesus story and whe you ask her what is Santa going to bring her she says(of course) Toys! I asked her what kind os toys? and she replies with her hands brought to her chest"Bring Bee-L toys!" That's how she says her name. It's stinkin' cute. She loves the chocolate advent calendar and she calls Chocolate- CLOCKLIT! She likes to move her princess rocking chair over to the counter to get treats and when i move them she gets upset but gets over it fast. I'm glad she recently got to put up a tree with Gma Betty b/c i don't know if we will do that at my mom's or if she's already got it done. Well, if you read this let me know some traditions your family does for the holidays. The only ones i have so far is making a gingerbread house, getting an new ornament every year and the gift opening and Christmas story on the eve. We also try to buy presents for a family every year. we did it last year and it was so awesome. Loves to you all!