Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Just plain Funny!

So, Brielle surprises me with how much she knows and i wonder, often times, what the kids at the gym play room are teaching her!
As, you know we've been potty training and i totally think that the naked method works for most kids. Brielle just wear a skirt or dress when were home w/ no bottoms so she can get used to the sensations and such and  yesterday i walked around the corner for minute and i came back to see brielle feeling "down there" and i asked her "whatcha doing , Brielle?" She candidly replied...
" I'm just wiping my butt with my hand!"  
I was RoLLinG!:)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

what's up w/ me?

Lately, i haven't been feeling so good b/c my body is getting back to the Normal girl thing so, i've been a little tired, grouchy and the like. But, i am still working out hard and going 5 days a week, sometimes 6. Some of my friends are wondering when i'm going to get out of my gym clothes and my old pre-pregnancy clothes too! (b/c they are floating on me:) i'm sure everyone is tired of me showing up to things all sloppy b/c i come from the gym normally, that's my only time i have to run around before lunch and nap time. So, sorry if my life is a little disconnected and random. I'm just doing about 3-4 things, workouts, mommy stuff w/ the girls, boutique stuff for my shop and our upcoming party, and blogging on MommaSassy!
I am spread a bit thin these days and my life is totally unbalanced, my house isn't perfectly clean but, i'm getting done what needs to get done and trying to remain sane. I often wonder if other moms go crazy like i do but, then i look at my friends blogs and i realize, i'm not alone! We're all crazy-busy mommas!
So, if anyone needs something from me, show up at my house b/c it won't get done otherwise.
i just took on a Wedding cake Client for May 10th and i'm stoked to do another cake but, not really looking for new business in that field( she was a referral, repeat business)(no, not aseond marriage, another daughter, silly). It will be a beautiful 3 tiered cake with swirl details and chocolate ribbon and salmon/ coral colored flowers. I guess those are the stylish colors now. It's like the 70's are coming back. My friend who is the Wedding planner said her colors were Lime Green, Coral and Brown and that was in the 70's!!!
I am learning how to make these cool Baby Bouquets that feature 2 onesies, a boutique burp cloth, a pair of baby socks, 2 hair flower clips, a bib(or third onesie) and 2 hair bows!
here's the pics of my first one!

I guess they retail from 36-100. on some online stores and theirs don't include hair clips or bows and are packaged in some plastic or paper container.
I was thinking of selling mine for about 40.00 and i could offer Organic cotton bouquets, Fair trade bouquets, Brand name clothes bouquets and Boutique quality ones too! I
 will get better at making these and wrapping them and figure out hard prices before i put them on my Etsy store. It should be fun. Heck what's another project?
I finally put my clips on cards and i made about 20 clip sets this week. I really wanted to start sewing my goods but, i got satin Fabric labels instead of the Cotton/poly ones i thought i was getting. Hopefully, this company can ship me the right ones fast! they did a great job, i just didn't imagine i'd be getting printed ribbon labels. that's way too slippery to sew and i hate sewing Satin ribbons! And it's not as durable!
So, that's what i've been up too.
Now, here's a shout out of sorts to people i need to THANK this week...
Thanks to Irene for being such a great Friend and workout partner and her mom Virginia for watching Brielle while i napped on Saturday. Brielle woke up for about 3 hours Friday night and kept us all up. Then we all went to sleep around 3 and Aria decided to wake up for the day at 5:30. Needless to say, Saturday morning was a blur.
Thanks to Melyna, for taking Brielle to the park while i established my new bank account for my little store and the other things 
i do.
Thanks to Sharlin, for helping me with the Hair clip cards and for just being you. You are an amazingly kind-hearted and beautiful friend. I need to see you more!
Thanks to Kiersten
 L. and Hayley for your listening ears and being willing to send stock down to the Boutique Market. I'm so excited for it.
Thanks to Stephanie
for watching both the girls while i went to the post office. Now, i know about Click n Ship so, hopefully i can steer clear of that vortex!
Thanks to my Sweet Husband for doing so much yard work, weeding, sweeping and the like as well as helping me w/ dishes and putting up with my grouchy self lately!
Thanks to Nora, for pushing me when i want to quit! keep pushing me!
Thanks Loran, the electrician for turning our power back on last Sunday night when i tried to turn on the A/C, our house went black! It was only our for 40 mins but, it felt longer and it was the same night we took Brielle's side off her crib. We went throughout the house lighting all the candles and Brielle kept singing and saying Happy Birthday and blowing them out! It was adorable and funny. She called them Can-elles." It's a berfday party momma? i blowd dem out. them my berfday can-elles!" She is so much fun!
And thanks to all my friends who share their lives with me and all the stress/ struggles/ laughs and heartfelt talks. i love you all!

This week i look forward to making more jewelry to add to my store and for the party, working out, going to Talmage's 3rd b-day party, visiting with Steph and Cynthia, Kathi and Lisa and going to the RS birthday party , seeing Mindi and kids, Going to another awesome Lotions class by Free L. and talking with all my other new friends and old ones too!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Brielle, as of late!

Brielle is almost 2 1/2 years old and EVERYDAY we hear her say something new and something funny or cute! We love spending our time with her after Aria goes down for the night, just playing games like Tickle Monster, dog pile, birdie, or just running around crazy! It's so fun to be her parents and I love this age, despite the potty training stuff. 
Some funny things she's said lately are:
While holding a tiny screw to her mouth "look mommy, i'm playing my bitty flute" I was fixing her doorknob so some screws were around her.
During prayer tonight, i told her to say "please bless me to go potty in the toilet and not in my pants" But she said " please help me not go poopoo in my princess pool-ups"
When she gets a boo boo she often says" i need a treat in my tummy, mommy, to make me better" and she says it with an adorable pout on her face that is sometimes irresistible.
She loves to say everything is Beautiful or amazing or delicious! When i was looking in my gmail inbox at plain old letters Brielle remarks" wow, mommy, that's beautiful!" i think she's used to seeing pictures on my computers all the time. Maybe it was just force of habit!
While in the car, she remarked to herself today by saying: "you talk good for your age" then she said to her other self " yes, i do talk berry good"- I guess she's heard that a lot!
She loves to help Aria out when it's feeding time and she will try to spoon feed her and gives her instructions: "Open big  Aria! No, like this, AHHH!(she's already bossy)
She also gave me instructions on how to change her today" Mommy, watch your fingers, you don't want to get all icky. Move the pool-up. Did you get it all? No more poopoos left, mommy?
Thanks for the play-by-play little sassy Girl!
Here's her playing in the Frinklers. She also calls sparkles Farkles!
We recently took the side off her crib and got a lock for her door too! Now that she can get out, we'd rather her be safe while she's sleeping. Who knows if she would be up in my craft room after waking, playing in needles and scissors and such while I'm downstairs vaccuming or something!
The lock is to keep her safe from all that kind of stuff. She's vocal and let's us know when she's up and done! 
She has been having tons of fun with her friends, playing at the park or in the gym playroom, with Aria and with me and Brandon. She went in the bitty pool (spa when it's not heated) with me and we had so much fun practicing some swimming techniques. well, i'm about ready to fade. I'll write more later!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I'm a little nervous but here it goes!

So, i've had my ETSY store for about 2 months now and i was really scared to announce it to all my friends and family. That
might sound weird to some of you but, it's the people i love the most that REALLY value what they think. So, I want to give a disclaimer right now... I'm not perfect and i won't proclaim to be! But, here's what i love to do(aside from all the other stuff) and here's my little store. Check it out and tell your girlfriends!
Since Brielle came to our family, i have been learning, re-learning and refining some of my crafts.
My shop will soon feature fabric items such as Burp Cloths, a few pouch and ring slings(not many), Hair Bows, and Baby Bouquets! As for now it just has Jewelry, Pacifier clips, and Hair Flower clips! have fun looking and please tell everyone (especially those who don't craft but love to buy things that they can't make). 
Tell me if you think it's retarded or not or what i can improve. Remember, I value your opinions the most!
also, I'll post on Brielle soon(too lazy to edit photos tonight!)

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Aria 8.4 months!

She's still growing but, slowly! I have to laugh at everyone who measures their baby's health by the dang percentile system. I get it already, my baby is small for her age! Who cares? She's just perfect and the way God made her to be. SO, all you new moms and moms to be- Relax, your kid will grow at his or her own rate and own time! Don't over analyze your instinctual maternal feelings about your baby!  And don't compare your kid to all the other babies and charts out there. Back in the good ole' days moms didn't sit around asking "what percentile is your baby in?" 
Well, my Aria is in the 100 percentile! Yep, she's 100 percent HER!
Here's her in her bouncy swing . Thanks Mom and Carl for getting her this last Christmas! She goes Nuts in it and, i love that i can just hang it in the door wherever i go! I love it that she's finally crawling and getting around and she is just blossoming
into this little person. She SINGS all the time when she plays and such and I now know WhY we named her what we did! I'm not just saying that either, ask anyone- she squeals and hums and sings all the time. It's a hoot!
Other than that, she's your normal baby with about 4 top teeth coming in and when she's not teething she's loads of giggles and cuddles. Brielle wasn't such a cuddle bug until she was about 1 year old. I wonder if that has to do with nursing or not. Either way, they are both cuddly and getting a long great, with the occasional mood swing. 
I'll post next all about Brielle! ~C