Sunday, March 29, 2009

Red Rock Canyon after 6pm

is closed. So, if you decide to park your car at the first parking lot (about 2 miles in) and car pool with someone the rest of the one-way eleven mile stretch, Make sure you do it long before 4:30. Otherwise, you will have to be dropped off at the closed gate of the park's entrance ( at 6:15) and walk or run uphill , with your camera bag, in your jeans and not your workout clothes, to your car, by yourself. You see, NO ONE is coming in the park behind you, the gate is closed! And it's a one way street so, You will be getting to your car on foot!

That's what i did Saturday! I also took 2 Senior photos at Red Rock Canyon that day. I took some kids photos on Friday. I played with my girls and Daddy. we went out with Jeantiel and Todd Saturday night for a nice dinner! Sunday we went to church and to Mike and Natalie's then Heidi and Q's place to stare at Baby Tatum and have great food. It was nice! I love weekends like this. i am rested and ready to edit LOTS of photos now, make more jewelry, train another assistant and edit more photos:) As well as take 3 peoples pics this week. And my regular 5 day week workouts!
Bobby( My Trainer), You are a MEAN guy! You never let me quit and you are a BRAT! Thanks for pushing me. And YES, I'm more flexible than practically everyone else my age( minus the cirque du soliel dancers) So, don't be shocked anymore.

Brandon, I LOVE you so much. you are the best husband ever. You help me get the girls ready every monrning, you do dishes and want me to hug you all the time. You are still flirty with me and so motivated to be a great provider. You are so fun and such a good daddy and MAN! LOVE YOU, BABE!( GUSH,GUSH!)

Oh yeah, i want to publicly congratulate these people for having BUNS in the Ovens!

Sarah and Michael S.-?
Hayley and Erik-?
Kierston and Kyle-Boy
Kierston and Matt-Boy
Catina and David-girl
Tiel and Todd-?
Denise and Brian-?
Tirza and Brad-Boy, Chase
Chelsea and Darin-Shea
Danielle and her hubby-Diesel

I'm so excited for all of you! I can't wait to be on your team( prego mommas) and to see your sweet babies!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Been Busy- Need Vacation...

So, I'm headed to San Diego tomorrow( thursday) and i will be hanging out with my dad and Mary, The beach clan, my brothers and possibly a few other friends. The REAL reason behind the trip is my Aunt Diane is getting SEALED to her husband GLEN in the SD Temple.
This temple is where Brandon and I got Married and also the place of many special memories for me.
On Thursday we will visit, relax and take a walk with MIMI, ( dad and Mary's Dog) and maybe play with the Basso Bunch. Friday we crazy Mommas( erin and me) will take our kids to play in the sand and slides with grandpa in tow! I hope to hit up Ikea for a few necessities( ie. shadow box frame, gallery frames, round mini hatboxes etc..) and Friday night we will do whatever.
Saturday will start with a nice walk to the local park, then to the temple for the sealing then a restaurant, then more time with the family as we watch ANNE in her AIRBAND performance at El Cap! How fun, right?

Sunday we will go to church at 9 amd head back home around 10:30-11. Or possible just leave Monday morning. Hmmm? We shall see.

Good News... My Friend/cousin-in-law( 2 times removed) Hiedi, Just had her baby girl today!) Congrats and also a newly re-aquainted friend from Santee, Angie just had her baby , Zoe, last Saturday . Both girls are healthy and surrounded by love!


Friday, March 6, 2009

Progress and Learning

Brielle is AMAZING! 3 nights ago she woke up at 4 am and knocked on her door. I came to he door and asked her what she wanted and she said she needed to go potty.I thought" how odd, she has a diaper on yet, she wants to go potty? I looked and beheld no diaper in sight. She was sleeping with only little big girl panties and she KNEW she didn't want to sleep soaking wet in them. I thought" Brandon must have forgotten to put them on her. So, Brielle went potty then back off to bed.
I couldn't believe it. We barely even talked with her about not wearing a diaper to bed anymore. We really didn't expect her to do this all on her own. It's been 3 nights now and NO accidents since. She literally trained herself! Crazy! We are so proud of her.

She also shows much enthusiasm about coloring INSIDE the LINES now. She getting very meticulous about her art these days. It's awesome. I need to take pictures of that too!
Brielle likes to point out where Jupiter is almost every night and she is also recognizing what instruments are being played in radio music. She says" i hear drums, mommy. That sounds like the guitar. The piccolo is like a tiny baby flute, mom" It's awesome.

This week was so BUSY! I worked out hard as usual, i did Photography of Melyna's Baby boy Ryder, and did some C.C. Baby Inc. Photography to get out my new spring/ summer items. It went really great today! Gorgeous babies. I'm now super exhausted but looking forward to helping with yard work tomorrow and getting a 50 min. massage at the massage school tomorrow as well!:) Hope you are all well. Oh, On MOnDaY, I'm teaching my first class at Quiltique! Cute Little Smarty Pants! It should be sooo fun:)