Monday, February 25, 2008

Who is better?

Okay ladies and gents!(mostly ladies!)
Check out these two images...

So, this is who trains me two days a week and beats me into submission!!!

And this is the trainer on the biggest loser show who isn't as Gorgeous!

 How old is Nora ??? 

I am so grateful i spotted her on the gym floor training another lady b/c i was looking around at some of the trainers and some were too slender of a build and some weren't even in very good shape. So, when i saw her i went up to her and said " I would like to train with you in a month or so , what's your availability?" Of course she gets approached all the time but, people often don't follow through but, i called her, set up our schedule and the day the first session came she said" you showed up!" What, like i was going to back out? I guess some people do back out but, not me. I'm bent and determined to BRING SeXy BaCk!
I'll post my pictures soon. Probably after the beginning of March. Yeah, i've lost 50 lbs. but i still have new goals. I'll keep you posted on how I'm doing! I am lucky to have my friend Irene train with me often and a few other girls. It's fun and were accountable to each other so we go more. I challenge every chick who might be struggling to grab a motivated friend-not a snickers bar, and Get In Shape together!
Meanwhile. Nora, will be a contributor to my mommasassy blog and give sweet tips to all mothers on everything health/nutrition and fitness related! Look for it! 

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Hey everyone! So, we're going to be on TV this week. Check it out or DVR/TIVO it.
Episode HNT-2309
Not Enough Room in Nevada
A couple who recently adopted needs room for a growing family!

Air times:
Wednesday, Feb 27th 10:00 PM
Thursday Feb 28th at 2:00am

I'm sure they will re- air this episode again in the future, if you for some reason can't see it then. If you do see it, have fun laughing at us, as we look at the really dated 80's house(hint hint)(or not). If you've never seen where we live have fun guessing!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Brielle's new look!

So, my great Friend Cachay, cut her hair and b/c it's thin, the only hair-do that works is the kId- BoB! I love it and am so glad to see her scraggly baby locks go! I will miss big piggy-tails but they will come soon enough.

So a few cute things that Brielle says(hopefully i'm not repeating myself)When she spins in circles and gets all dizzy she says" I'm Bizzy, mommy!"She like to tuck her babies into their beds and come to me and say "shh, baby__ is see-ping!"
She says" Daddy, stop talking like that!"(in her low voice) when Brandon gets excited watching sports or something!
She's still very slender and has a tiny little waist and Aria has a bigger booty than her! She loves to dance and she says"i'm June, mommy!(little Einsteins)She calls calls Ballet- blal-ay! and Gymnastics- Nastics! It's so fun to have little conversations her her and she loves to read with us and to her dolls. I walked into her room and she had the water spray bottle and my brush and she said "i'm bu-sing her hair, mommy!" It even cuter b/c the baby is BaLd!!!We Love her and she's such a great sister to Aria! I love my girls and i can't wait till Aria gets some hair and i can do something fun with it too!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Fun Things!

So, last weekend, Brielle went off to Grandma and Grandpa's house to enjoy some IHOP and spoiling(which i love:) and Brandon and I got to get our house picked up a bit and enjoy a small hike! We went up to Valley of Fire and it was pretty nice and peaceful and I like the desert and all but, man, i find it hard to Call it BEAUTIFUL. B/c Earthen beauty to me is like Oregon or the Rocky Mountains, snow-capped mountains, tropical rain forests, waterfalls and lush, GREEN, landscapes. But, it was really neat!
Aria did well in the backpack that my friend, Katie R., let us use and she napped on the way up and back from our little trip. She did great at getting attention from all the other hikers too!
Here's a few pics...

These are sweet etching from some old school Engins! I wonder if petroglyphs are like the old form of TAGGING or Grafiti!

Were Ma and Pa Indian getting on their sons about how the local boys were making all the stones messed up??? Who knows?
Well, one things for sure, i hate Taggers! But they did a great job at giving us insite about how they all lived back then. Check out that wheel-like one. That's awesome! What else can you spot on these stones???

This week, I have been working out with my new Trainer, NORA, whom i will blog about very soon! and i have lost another 6 or so pounds from when i commented on my weight last, i think.
Anyways, i've lost a total of 50 lbs to date!

My long lost friend popped up in my life again. Lisa, I missed you , lady! Here's our kids together. Aren't they all so cute!

The baby is Annie and the 3 yr. old is Lilly! I hope to have even more good times with Lisa and family! Lilly is good at being bossy and Brielle is learning to be the same way with other kids littler than her. It's funny! i know Brielle will be bossing around Aria soon.~

Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine's

Here's our little Cupid!

Monday, February 11, 2008

TEETH and Girls!

So, Aria has these little pearls that i'm dying to show you. They finally got big enough that when she smiles you can see them, so here they are. Aria is developing a lot. She sits up for over 10 mins. sometimes and just plays and squeals and such! She has her little pincher grasp and picks up cheerios and she gets up on all fours and pushes herself backwards. She loves to grab anything she can and stick it in her mouth, as all babies do at her age. It's pretty funny b/c people will hold her and they let her grab their finger and she grabs the whole hand of the person and begins to suck. If she can, she will suck on her toes too. I try and let her do that after she's been bathed, only! She went in the REAL baby swing at the park by our house for the first time and she obviously LoVeD It! She and Brielle play so great together and they crack each other up in the car.

As for Brielle, she is doing great considering she too is getting her molars in and is becoming a bit independent. More like she's in the Terrible part of the Twos!!! She's not a bad kid she just has tantrums once in a while. Like for instance, she didn't want to eat little apple slices, she wanted the Whole big apple. So, i said, you must wear a bib then. She contested and i said okay, then you can just have the little apples. she started sobbing b/c she didn't want to wear a bib and she didn't want the little apples. It went on for a half hour of crying and whining. I put her in time out and she kept getting out and i did the calm supernanny thing, where you just silently put them back until they stay. that took another half hour! She was crying and saying"no, i don't want to, anymore!" She does things like this probably once a day now and i just keep doing the whole time out routine and i am tired of it.

On a positive note, she says a lot of CUTE things too. She calls Little Einstiens "little Eintimes" She calls Bugs- beebugs or serpies(i'm guessing she derived that from serpent?)She says cute things like I'm going to catch the Moon mommy! You get it too, mommy!. She will says she loves us randomly too and she likes to say that she is PRINCESS BEAUTY! She likes helping Aria eat her food and likes cleaning her kitchen up( i need to post pics of that btw) She is also doing great at her gymnastics class. She has only been once but she was doing a lot before she even went to the class. Which btw, i will put her in a different one next time b/c this one is too disorganized! She does assisted backbends, sommersaults on her own, she can walk the balance beam and lift her legs high. She loves trying new stuff and is such a joy to be around almost always.
Anywho, that's what's up with MY GIRLS! 
ps. Brielle likes to carry two dolls and say "come on my girls, i got my girls mommy". She also just named a couple of her dolls- CHerry, the fairy puppet(thanks mom) and baby STACI, the rad vintage doll my GMA Beach gave her. I'll post on those too!

Monday, February 4, 2008

I have a NEW BLOG!

Hey Mommas! This ones for you. If you haven't gotten an email from me about this yet. Here's my latest thing... ! It's my blog on all things that this sassy mom is into, concerned about, dealing with, love, hate, want to know more about etc.. I just feel like separating this from my family blogspot. So, i did. i plan on featuring some really great people and articles, some free giveaways of baby boutique products and other fab finds. Hope you can take a look and leave your comments!
~MommaSassy herself,
 Corrine Christian

Friday, February 1, 2008

ARIA is 6 months Already!

Okay gang, so it's Friday and time to catch you all up. It has been another rough week. After Aria finished teething and all look like it was on the upswing, Brielle started getting her 2 yr. molars in! So, she was whiney and her mouth hurt and a few days later she got a cold and cough which i caught a few days after that as a head cold and sinus. So, here we were, all sick and yesterday i woke up feeling about 50% better but, i still had the sinus thing. Well, i walk downstairs holding Brielle and i set her on the counter only to feel something squirming underneath my toes. My first thought was" it must be leftover food that i dropped" . then it started moving and fast. I immediately backed up to see a 3 inch SCoRpIoN ! I screamed and told Brielle to stay where she was (on the counter) and i ran and got Brandon's shoes and stepped on the dang nasty thing. I thought all was over until about 2 mins. later when i felt my toes start to TiNgLe! Yep, that sucker stung me!!! So, i immediately called my friend who had been stung when she was pregnant and she told me what the doctor told her to do. Take a Benadryl and if it starts to swell or i get sort of Breathe or really anxious i am allergic and i need to go to the ER! So, Lisa brought me over some Benadryl and took Brielle for a few hours and i tried to clean and rest. It hurt in the weirdest way, i can't really even describe it, either. Needless to say the rest of my plans were shot that day and i took a 2 hour nap when the girls went down. I'm no longer feeling the venom and i still have sinus congestion and Brielle is starting to get better(keep praying) And Aria is just along for the ride. She's doing great!

So here's some pics of her and a few glimpses of her room. She sits up for about 2-3 mins total and then she falls over or rolls to her side. I can't wait to take some pics with her bitty teeth showing. They are still so small though. I can't believe how the time has just vanished. Just like the venom in my toe!

I have to throw this last tid-bit in here b/c i've been working really hard- I have lost 40 lbs! My regular jeans are a little loose on me and i hope to lose about 15-20 more pounds. i start training the end of February with this rad chick named Nora! I'm stoked! Love you all! And i'll read all your blogs soon.