Sunday, February 22, 2009

Luv my girlies!

Just some cute pics of my girls!
she's mostly like this when she's happy. Very wide-eyed and lively!

And loves to give her big sister hugs as well as Myla!

Happy to play BOO in and out of the tent.

She still has those sweet cheeks i love to munch on and kiss! Brielle was kind of camera shy this time, very weird and unlike her normal self. Hey, we all have those days!
We had such a fun day this last Saturday just doing nothing- almost. We went to the park, made tutus with our neighbors and friends, jumped on the tramp with Daddy and Brielle, made yummy waffles with Blueberries and Bananas, read stories, played playdough and just laughed like kids. Daddy watched the UNLV game with his bro and cousin. And had a fun time watching them barely win.
Then, i woke up Sunday with a worse cold than i had before and an earache. It SUCKED. it's almost gone now. I didn't know adults could get them. It's awful. Anyways, I'll write again later.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine's Day!

Marshmallow roses for Brielle and Aria!
Valentine's Muffins, i made the week of Valentines, not on the actual day! We went to IHOP for Breakfast and had fun with the girls. we rarely got out for Breakfast but, thought this would be a fun tradition to start- breakfast out with our kids on Valentine's Mornings! we will try a new diner every Valentine's too!

She's such a HAM for the camera now, what a poser!

Aria LOVES LOVES LOVES lollipops! She calls them PA- Pops! She will see them in the pantry and almost say it like a question. Pa-pops? mommy? Peez? Peez?
My attempt to get them having fun together at the mini valentine's party at my friend, Cachay's house!( i know it's blurry ,silly)

I LOVE this blouse i got for them! It's just too sweet! I bought it last year on clearance at a boutique.

more silly pictures!

SUgaR FaCe, baby!

The Valentine's Loot!

I'm a good hider, mommy!

we got to see Dawn, Kara and Megan on Valentine's too! It was a great day. I got a massage as well that morning after breakfast. Brandon got his TV and stand and receiver and speakers and so forth. Now he wants a HARMONY remote so, we don't have to have 5 remotes. I don't blame him. I'm not a big sound system person. It's too noisy and it wakes the kids but he's been great about it! The flat screen we got has weak sound compared to our booming huge old 55 inch Big Screen on wheels. Oh, BTW, we are selling that TV for 300. if anyone wants it! It's great Brandon just got a great deal on a 45? inch plasma flat screen. It's really thin, kinda wierd but cool.

I get to get a Double jogger and a bike trailer for my bike. I'm looking at a few right now, Joggers- of course, what i already have the Bob Rev. but i want a Duallie in Black with 12 inch wheels all the way around, the Valco, Dreamer Design, and a couple others. Trailers- I'd love a used Burley, used Chariot, Bell, Trek, really anything gently used or new but not super pricey or super cheap. My sis gave me some good advice on bike trailers! Thanks, Cristi! I'm still looking.
well, Hope you all had a great Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Obviously, it's been a while since i updated you all on Aria!!! She's almost 19 months now and is doing great. Her teeth are all starting to fill in a bit. She runs like crazy everywhere and has NO fear of anything. we call her Bruiser and Teeny Bits b/c she is exactly that. She's the smallest of all her friends and won't hesitate to try and get her way. Brielle has to watch her back with her sometimes and we are teaching Brielle to not whine when she takes things from her but to Take it back from her! Heck, She's the OLDER sister.
Aria is speaking tiny sentences like: Mommy baby down! Be-l seeping! Baby seeping nigh night!

No mymy( our dogs nickname) mommy eat food. etc...

She LOVES her baby dolls and Brielle likes dolls too but Aria likes them more. Aria loves humming, singing, dancing to music, playing with big girl shoes, trying to get socks on her feet( that takes about a half hour!) and climbing up and opening things!
she's a doll and lots of cuddles and work. She will be such a great bigger sister someday!
That's her in a small nutshell:)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Brielle's 3rd B-day post 1

Brielle got to celebrate her 3rd b-day in high style with a Princess Tea Party at a local boutique in town, Pattycakes, and had her a few of her great friends there to have loads of dress-up fun with her. Here's some pics...
The girls got to make a wooden princess craft and Brielle LOVED decking her out in sequins!
All the girls got to pick out thier own ball gown, get there hair styled, do a craft, pick out the crown and shoes of their choices!
They walked in a mini princess parade then sat down for tea.
The girls loved twirling outside and in and loved the 3 course catered tea party. Brielle got a BELL to ring whenever her or her friends needed anything.

It was so adorable and i got to actually enjoy it quite a bit. i have more photos of this coming up. they will be done in some creative fashion though. more to come