Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Brielle's Part-tay!!!

Her party was so fun but a bit crazy. i about lost it there for a bit when all the kids started ran-sacking her presents.I was trying to just at least get a few pics of her and a bit of recording done so, she could remember when she was four forever.

The kids blew out her candles before she could even get to them so, we had to re-light them for her! It's kind of humorous now!

The bouncy castle was a success and resulted in only 2 injuries. one being Aria's noggin! The man who set it up said that ths was the first time he has ever seen the 13 x 13 ft. castle ever fit IN someone's home.

Most people i guess underestimate it's size but, man, we pushed around the 800 lbs piano and moved the furniture before he came so, he could just blow it on up. Brielle liked controlling the house and turning the blower off when she felt like it. Not really a good idea. Luckily, she didn't do it with kids in it!

There were about 40 peeps there and it was fun but, NEXT TIME... I will throw it at the Bounce U or Pump it Up or have it in a Backyard ( for Aria's B-day) for sure. It was so big, it just kinda felt cramped but after all the friends were gone and the ice cream was all melted, I whisked the girls off to bed and brushed their teeth and tucked them in and Brielle said

" Mom, this was the Best Birthday Party ever. I love you!"
It was all worth it!

It was so nice to have Brielle's Birth-mom come for a bit too! She is expecting a boy in a few weeks! We are excited for her and nervous- birth is crazy sometimes!

Man, I just can't believe 4 years have gone by sooooo fast!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

i know....

I am the worst Blogger as of late. You can find me on facebook, you know!!! And do not be upset if I don't know all the latest on all your families ongoings! ( i love good old fashioned Talking to ya on the phone:)
I am in the process of CLEARING OFF MY PLATE right now! Yep, I am winding down my Boutique clients and passing them off to other ladies, getting geared up to move in 3 MONTHS to Colorado ( douglas county) and we are LOOKING TO ADOPT AGAIN! I know, like what horrible timing!

So, this is a pic of the girls Christmas Eve Night at the 'rents in Fallon! I lost a few of those pics from that night but i have some others of Christmas morning later! I know, you are reading this and thinking" later?, riggghhhhttt!!" I know, stop all the yelling. :)
Now, on a Serious Note... here's our adoption Blog and our
My Adoption Profile

We Know that God has a Nutty plan for how our Children are going to come into our family. We have Faith that people will help this come about by opening mouths and when someone is saying something about a niece or cousin or friend who is looking to place a baby, you will remember that we are looking too! We are putting it in the Lord's Hands! We will be officially putting our papers in when we move to CO! But, i have just been feeling that we needed to get the word out right now and i needed to start making some space in my life for another baby! I have no idea why all this urgency and the timing of it all. I KNOW- it's crazy! I get it already! Love to you and all your families!