Friday, June 27, 2008

ISR Classes!

The girls are learning to swim and lfoat right now and fro the next few weeks. They re both taking ISR classes and Frankie is doing a great job at teaching them. These classes are geared toward teaching your babies and kids to know how to float and get out of the pool instead of drowning when they fall in a pool as well as swimming for the bigger kids. To learn more about these classes click here.
Here's a few pics of them.
Brielle after 4 days of class (she's a little bit advanced for her age)!

Aria is starting to get her FLOAT down but, not all the way. She likes to suck her fingers or cover her eyes but, we are working on that!

We saw a little 2.5 yr old boy jump in the pool fully clothed yesterday and he was in long sleeved winter vest type clothes and he did great. He over came the obstacle of having something covering his face while he was in the water and swimming to the edge with no problems. He was a little startled but that's a normal response when a kid falls into the pool. We are so proud of him and look forward to having Brielle be ready to face any obstacle as well as Aria too!
I will keep on posting throughout the weekend on my CC Baby Inc photoshoot, San Diego, my new stuff, My upcoming new CC Baby Inc Blog and so forth. Sorry, i've been a blog slacker! I've been enjoying reading all yours!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Getting it together

So, i still need some of your blog links, like Sarah, Ipuna, and many more. I will try to blog hop to get some of my friends blog inof but, if you're visiting me, please leave a comment so, i can visit your blog. You don't have to be my best friend, i just want to see how all my friends and family are doing.
Plus, i'm re-formatting this blog as wellas mommasassy's too. So look for some changes ahead. Love to you all. Thanks for hanging in there.~C

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Brielle's Pediped pics!

Here's her royal cuteness modeling some pink polka dot shoes that will be available in July at and boutiques everywhere! She did great. I'll post on our SD trip soon! i have a lot of flashback fridays to do and i have feeling not all of them will be on Fridays!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

I need your blog links!

So, i've been toying with putting on cool backgrounds and in doing so, i LOST all my bloglinks to all my friends and family so, please, leave a comment asap so, i can add your sweet blog to mine! Thanks!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ashes, ashes...

Both of my girls can't stay out of out stinking fireplace, lately. Brandon put Brielle down for a nap a bit ago and i noticed this on his back!

I am constantly urging Aria to get out of the fireplace and she gets so offended(as i call it) when i get the Low voice with her and say no. She just wails for about 8 seconds then tries for it again and again. Well, recently she's been pretty good and has kept out of it. 

Until two days ago when i went upstairs for about 2 mins to change into my gym clothes, I came down and this is what i saw!!!

(minus the cookies, i gave them to her so i could get a pic!)
Luckily, i didn't put her fully into her white and pink dress before i went upstairs. I normally change last and have them all ready to go so, i can just load them up and go when i' done. So, glad i didn't that day!
This pose was just so cute. I guess it's time to start looking for a cool fireplace screen!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

So Far so good.

So this is what's up with Me and my weight loss.
I have now lost 68 lbs total. 
Since training with Nora, a period of a little over 3 months, i have lost about 22 total inches around my entire body. My waistline has decreased by 7.5 inches, my arms by 2.5 inches, my thighs by 3.7 inches and so on. 
My body fat % has dropped a full 10 percentage points in only 3.2 months.
and I'm now in a size 8 and some of my tops are smalls now!

I still plan on losing more and getting to a size six before July 24th (Aria's first birthday)
and I want to continue from there. 
To give you an idea of what i came from before pregnancy, i was a 10/ 12 in size and mostly medium size tops. So, i'm smaller now than i was before i had her. 
Still many more lbs and BF% points to go but, so far so good.

Sad news, Nora moves at the end of June. I Cried when she told me and I'll forever miss her but, know i will see her again and keep remembering what she taught me!