Friday, June 27, 2008

ISR Classes!

The girls are learning to swim and lfoat right now and fro the next few weeks. They re both taking ISR classes and Frankie is doing a great job at teaching them. These classes are geared toward teaching your babies and kids to know how to float and get out of the pool instead of drowning when they fall in a pool as well as swimming for the bigger kids. To learn more about these classes click here.
Here's a few pics of them.
Brielle after 4 days of class (she's a little bit advanced for her age)!

Aria is starting to get her FLOAT down but, not all the way. She likes to suck her fingers or cover her eyes but, we are working on that!

We saw a little 2.5 yr old boy jump in the pool fully clothed yesterday and he was in long sleeved winter vest type clothes and he did great. He over came the obstacle of having something covering his face while he was in the water and swimming to the edge with no problems. He was a little startled but that's a normal response when a kid falls into the pool. We are so proud of him and look forward to having Brielle be ready to face any obstacle as well as Aria too!
I will keep on posting throughout the weekend on my CC Baby Inc photoshoot, San Diego, my new stuff, My upcoming new CC Baby Inc Blog and so forth. Sorry, i've been a blog slacker! I've been enjoying reading all yours!


SBAM said...

I've heard about this...I'm trying to find someone close to me so I can get my girls in! Looks like it works as well as I thought!

Erin said...

Hey, I just wanted to thank you for the post on Momma Sassy. It was great!!!