Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ashes, ashes...

Both of my girls can't stay out of out stinking fireplace, lately. Brandon put Brielle down for a nap a bit ago and i noticed this on his back!

I am constantly urging Aria to get out of the fireplace and she gets so offended(as i call it) when i get the Low voice with her and say no. She just wails for about 8 seconds then tries for it again and again. Well, recently she's been pretty good and has kept out of it. 

Until two days ago when i went upstairs for about 2 mins to change into my gym clothes, I came down and this is what i saw!!!

(minus the cookies, i gave them to her so i could get a pic!)
Luckily, i didn't put her fully into her white and pink dress before i went upstairs. I normally change last and have them all ready to go so, i can just load them up and go when i' done. So, glad i didn't that day!
This pose was just so cute. I guess it's time to start looking for a cool fireplace screen!


beach girl always--at heart said...

Just when you least expect it........ been there,,,,you kids done that.........Fun!

All the photos look so fun.....
little hands for JUST alittle while.. ENJOY!

Love Mom

Our Family Circus said...

That is freakin rad ~ I cannot wait to have stories like this too. Well, I need a fireplace first ... but dang they are cute girls! You are so blessed - as are they! :)