Saturday, December 27, 2008

Playing Catch up!!!

SO the week before Christmas, we had some cool things happen( besides the snow!)

Hayley and the girls stayed over for a night and Brielle had her 1st official sleepover with little Ava!
watching Cinderella on DVD and playing was what the girls did until about 10 or so. They were so tired the next day!

Aren't they too cute?

I went to my friends Christmas Party where i was the designated( and payed) Photographer for the event at the Anthem Country Club and it was a Blast! They have such a fun company and i enjoyed taking pictures and such and at the near end of the party, John, ( melyna's Husband) responded to some of my friends in the crowd who were shouting for me to sing. I said sure but then sat down( thinking it was just a joke) and then John says"Many of you met Corrine, the photographer, who is a close friend of ours and is a great photographer but, she's also an amazing singer.. So, give it up for Corrine!"
I stood up an pointed to the singer who was already there and said" and JOBELLE was one of my teachers- so give it up for JoBelle!" I wnet over to the band gave them my pitch and started singing...

I didn't sing the best i have ever sang but it wasn't all that bad. It so fun singing with a live band. The people started getting up on the dance floor and slow dancing with there significant others and i continued to sing. It was so much fun and i don't know when the last time I have done something that Spur of the Moment, in who knows how long!
It was like i was living a movie right then. It was so much fun! Here's some pictures of my sweet girlies!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

We hope you all have Wonderful Holidays!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Yep, You heard Right! This is probably the most snow Vegas has had in MANY years!
We had a blast building snowmen and playing with our neighbors out in are hood!
Here's Pictures...
Brielle had way too much fun and didn't want to come back inside and get warm. She got hungry so she decided to come in. I must say, she ate like a champ too! Let's see, i bowl of cereal, a piece of cheese, a half PB&Honey, a bowl of creamy tomato soup, and a quarter of my grilled cheese. She must have played hard. SHE NEVER EATS like THAT!
Aria was just in shock and awe and really didn't like moving around much b/c it's slippery! She would just take a couple steps and then stay there till she go tired. Then she would try to crawl but get stuck in a downward dog position( YOGA) It was funny! She loved it though and we brought her in a few times but she just whined to go back out and be in this incredible snow park!

My friend Melanie S. , does awesome vinyl and this was her Christmas gift to our family! I love it! Our door just looks a bit SASSY! It's a great gift and it peels off when I'm done with it!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! and if i don't post again until after Christmas it's b/c i have many projects to finish and people coming to visit like Hayley and her girls for a night, my dad and brothers and Aunt and Uncle. Loves to you all!

oh ...cute things Brielle says will be posted soon:)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tree Time!

So getting out our tree(s) is always an ordeal but, this year we got it done pretty fast. Like everything was up in four days. Not bad, considering in between the decor getting up, we went to a UNLV basketball game one night and had family over for Thanksgiving( which went great and relaxing, mostly) and. then on Black Friday we mostly decorated ( except for the gym  and target) and we got a lot accomplished! 
I must Thank all who helped. Codi, our neighbor and young friend, you watched the girls a bit while watching football. You also were the perfect person in the attic helping us get things down! I also went up in the attic and now, I'm not so scared of it anymore. Maybe it was Home Alone that did it to me, or the fear off falling???
Anywho( nice tangent, i know, right?) Thanks to Elders, Vaitia , and Elder H and one other elder Allen maybe? i forgot your names so sorry! Anywho, they were excellent service men. Since it's hard for them to actually get service hours in our area( everyone hires things out, pretty much) They came in really handy and got there hours in that week. 

So, that's my Thanks. Here's tree pictures. It turned out okay, so far. i still feel like it's missing some aqua? I think it would brighten it up! What do you all think?

Brielle loves to take off the little RUBIES and make a collection( so she calls it)

I left the bottom part kinda bare for now b/c we have four little hands that just take things off a lot but, about 95% of my ornaments are KID SAFE.  i used a lot of acrylic, plastic, resin, and foam ornaments! And so far, what's on the tree is stuff i already had from years past. I love this feather ornament! It's Just Silly and whimsical and soft! More on my girls later!