Monday, November 26, 2007

NOT Decking the Halls this Year!

Hey everyone, So this year we will be going up to Fallon for Christmas and about 6 weeks ago i started fiddling with the idea of not decorating the house, since were not going to be here for Christmas anyways. If any of you have seen how i decorate, you would know that this is a big deal for me. i usually have ThRee TrEEs up in my house, the tallest which is 12 ft. I have swags of garland and lights and ornaments hanging from beautiful ribbons on my drapery rods and it goes on and on. So, as i started toying with this idea, i kept thinking about better things i could do with my time. I thought about the best things i could do and decided that i am going to focus on spending that time making memories with my family and friends, serving others, and making gifts with my hands-with real love put into them. (now, don't think that i don't care for you if you get a store bought item-silly). So, i'm making some jewelry for my girls and sewing them pink taffeta skirts and hairbows and for my friends an nieghbors i will make some white chocolate popcorn! Now, i'm not saying that peopel who go crazy decorating are bad or commercial or anything, i love seeing nice displays, i'm just letting you all know that I'm not decking out my halls b/c i'd rather not clean it up when i get home(last years decorations didn't come down until February b/c i was nauseas with Aria in my belly)!
And this year i just want to focus on my family, service, and what this Holiday really is all about! I am so Thankful that we all have Brother who was willing to be born into the world only live and die for our every sin and sorrow. I truly, don't know where i'd be today without my Savior, Jesus Christ and Our Father in Heaven. Merry Christmas Everyone!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Pumpkin Streusel!!!

This alternative to regular pumpkin pie is awesome! My mother-in-law, Betty gave me the recipe and it was a hit at Aria's Shower. Many people asked for it so here it is.

1 lg. can pumpkin
3 eggs
1 cup sugar
1/2 tsp. salt
3 tsp. pumpkin pie spice (combo of cinn, nutmeg, clove etc...)
1 can of evaporated milk (check your expiration on your milk i blew the first batch by dumping expired milk on my ingredients)

Mix with beaters and pour into a 9X13 baking dish (not metal)

In another bowl, take
1 white/yellow or Fr. Vanilla cake mix
1 cube of softened butter

and crumble together with a fork. Sprinkle the mixture on top of the pumpkin mixture and bake at 350 for 1 hour or until the knife comes clean.(my oven runs hot so it only took 45 mins.) Let cool before serving and top with whipped cream or serve with vanilla ice cream too. It's Delicious!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Flashback! Aria's Day

Hey peeps, So, since i'm not perfect and i can't always do things on time, i will be posting flashbacks to catch you up or just to give you a glance to the past, My friend does these on fridays which i will try to do, but it probably won't always work that way for me. So here's some pics from Aria's blessing and of my haircut too!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Things you should NOT DO! (from my own experience)

Or should a least think hard about before you decide to proceed...

bribe your kid to be quiet with candy

leave dirty diapers where the dogs can reach them

Put breakables in your childs room ( or any room for that matter)

hug someone from behind only to find out, it's not your friend it's a stranger

let your bread rise only once before cooking

Call your siblings the day after they had their birthday and wish them a happy birthday

keep your dog's food outside for the nieghborhood pigeons and crows to eat(crap all over my backyard)

hot glue your finger to a hairbow and clip

make fresh lemonade with papercuts on your hands

put diaper rash cream on your toothbrush and proceed to brush your teeth

get a brazilian wax 4 weeks after you had a baby

show up at the airport a week before the computer says your supposed to fly out

let eggs boil...overnight!

leave your make-up out with a toddler around

leave waffles in the iron for over 3 hours

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Crazy eights

Man, this made me think a little.
Thanks, Traci, i need to really be grateful for what i have.

1. 8....Passionate about
my husband
my girls
performing arts
making the world beautiful(or just my world)
Building strong relations with the people i love
Finding people to serve
anything sweet and fruity
making my home a place everyone feels safe and welcome before i die
watch my kids grow up and succeed
finish my family temple work
move to Colorado and live out my days without 114 degree temps.
Visit anywhere tropical with my husband
make yearbooks of my family as they grow
adopt a couple more kids who need loving arms
Leave a legacy for my future generations
rekindle with my lost friends

3.8..i say often
No, you cannot have candy for Breakfast!
do you know why i put you in time out?
put it back, now!
Stop playing with the water spout/toilet/dog water!
I love you, sugars!
I love you, Honey!(for Brandon)
Come here, NOW!
What is it that you want? Say it, don't just point and say THIS!

4. 8 ... i have read lately
Pottery Barn catalog( i don't know why)
Snuggle Puppy i Love you
Curious George's ABC book
My old journals
Conference talks
What to expect the first years(repeat)
Betty Crocker's cookbook

5.8... I could listen to over and over again
Brielle saying i love you, mommy!
My husband giving me a compliment
any and all uplifting/fun music
Aria and Brielle's laughs and coos and giggles
Pure silence accompanied by a few birds singing
rustling leaves in the wind or rain falling
Brielle blowing kisses( she makes the pucker noise really well)
my friends voices when it's been too long since i've talked with them last

6.8.that attract me to my best friends
they are all so unique
they accept me the way i am, flaws and all
they tell me the truth even if it hurts a little
they are all talented
they are all beautiful( I mean it too) I don't have any ugly friends:)
they've been with me when i needed it most and given me space when i needed it too.
they are easy to converse with even when it's been years (or months)
they live earnest lives

7.8... i have learned this year
get make-up out of the carpet
nurse Aria
trust in my body (birthing)
to make a pouch sling
save money and budget (thanks Cachay:)
Slow down at times and speed up at others
to be a better cook

8. 4 peeps who haven't done this...
Rachel F.
Meghan J.
Jenny C.
Sarah S.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

What a DAY we're having!!!

So Yesterday morning the stunt pulling started early. i was nursing Aria and watching Finding Nemo when Brandon took Brielle upstairs for a bit. He came back down stairs a few mins. later but i didn't hear Brielle following behind him. five mins. go by and i ask him where Brielle is and he replies" she's playing upstairs" Well, that wasn't quite accurate. This is what she was doing...

She is crying b/c Brandon was dressed for work and wouldn't give her a hug in his nice clothes. So, she was bawling! She took a huge chunk of Bronzer, eyeliner and mascara and lipgloss to her little face and hands. This was just the start of our day. I wasn't even mad at her but, all i kept thinking about was my last comment to Traci L. about how i am looking forward to this day, NOT! Man, it came too soon. Maybe Lynnie rubbed off On Brielle via the internet, i don't know.
By the end of the day Brielle had pulled small tiles off one of our deco balls in the Living room, pulled out fake fruit out of the china cabinet and began ripping it apart, broke a candle holder, skipped her nap, cried five times and kept asking for milk or candy all day long. She was a handful to say the least. On top of that Aria waited to take her big nap until almost 5 o' clock. So, i practically got nothing done. (It was one of those days Hayley talked about in She's driving me crazy)

Now the good parts of our day. Brielle taught herself how to do a sommersault. Aria ( at age 3 months and 1 week) amazingly learned to roll over already! She did it about 7 times and i recorded it so, i'll try to figure out how to put it on our blog. And we got to visit with new parents Tori and Matt and baby Kaleb. Dinner was delicious and when 8 rolled around the kids went off to bed, i went to the gym while Brandon folded laundry and all was at peace in my world again. I have a great husband and wonderful girls and although times are crazy, i wouldn't trade them for the world.

here's Brielle being her cuter self.