Monday, November 26, 2007

NOT Decking the Halls this Year!

Hey everyone, So this year we will be going up to Fallon for Christmas and about 6 weeks ago i started fiddling with the idea of not decorating the house, since were not going to be here for Christmas anyways. If any of you have seen how i decorate, you would know that this is a big deal for me. i usually have ThRee TrEEs up in my house, the tallest which is 12 ft. I have swags of garland and lights and ornaments hanging from beautiful ribbons on my drapery rods and it goes on and on. So, as i started toying with this idea, i kept thinking about better things i could do with my time. I thought about the best things i could do and decided that i am going to focus on spending that time making memories with my family and friends, serving others, and making gifts with my hands-with real love put into them. (now, don't think that i don't care for you if you get a store bought item-silly). So, i'm making some jewelry for my girls and sewing them pink taffeta skirts and hairbows and for my friends an nieghbors i will make some white chocolate popcorn! Now, i'm not saying that peopel who go crazy decorating are bad or commercial or anything, i love seeing nice displays, i'm just letting you all know that I'm not decking out my halls b/c i'd rather not clean it up when i get home(last years decorations didn't come down until February b/c i was nauseas with Aria in my belly)!
And this year i just want to focus on my family, service, and what this Holiday really is all about! I am so Thankful that we all have Brother who was willing to be born into the world only live and die for our every sin and sorrow. I truly, don't know where i'd be today without my Savior, Jesus Christ and Our Father in Heaven. Merry Christmas Everyone!


Lewieville said...

We are doing the same thing. It doesn't make since to go to all that trouble and then not even be here for the holiday. Also this way I have more time to try to teach Jessalyn (only 2 I don't know how much she will learn) about the true meaning of Christmas. I'm excited you will be in Fallon, we have to get together!!

Anonymous said...

That's how I have been the last few years of high school until now. It's tough for me to get into decorating to begin with so it just seems like a chore not worth doing. Plus I cannot afford anything extra.

Idaho Family Circus said...

Time to update your post darlin! I need more sweet pictures to look at! Love you bunches ... when will you be in SLC? I will be passing thru. Maybe we can meet up?