Tuesday, November 6, 2007

What a DAY we're having!!!

So Yesterday morning the stunt pulling started early. i was nursing Aria and watching Finding Nemo when Brandon took Brielle upstairs for a bit. He came back down stairs a few mins. later but i didn't hear Brielle following behind him. five mins. go by and i ask him where Brielle is and he replies" she's playing upstairs" Well, that wasn't quite accurate. This is what she was doing...

She is crying b/c Brandon was dressed for work and wouldn't give her a hug in his nice clothes. So, she was bawling! She took a huge chunk of Bronzer, eyeliner and mascara and lipgloss to her little face and hands. This was just the start of our day. I wasn't even mad at her but, all i kept thinking about was my last comment to Traci L. about how i am looking forward to this day, NOT! Man, it came too soon. Maybe Lynnie rubbed off On Brielle via the internet, i don't know.
By the end of the day Brielle had pulled small tiles off one of our deco balls in the Living room, pulled out fake fruit out of the china cabinet and began ripping it apart, broke a candle holder, skipped her nap, cried five times and kept asking for milk or candy all day long. She was a handful to say the least. On top of that Aria waited to take her big nap until almost 5 o' clock. So, i practically got nothing done. (It was one of those days Hayley talked about in She's driving me crazy)

Now the good parts of our day. Brielle taught herself how to do a sommersault. Aria ( at age 3 months and 1 week) amazingly learned to roll over already! She did it about 7 times and i recorded it so, i'll try to figure out how to put it on our blog. And we got to visit with new parents Tori and Matt and baby Kaleb. Dinner was delicious and when 8 rolled around the kids went off to bed, i went to the gym while Brandon folded laundry and all was at peace in my world again. I have a great husband and wonderful girls and although times are crazy, i wouldn't trade them for the world.

here's Brielle being her cuter self.


Cristi said...

Sounds familiar. Sorry it was a rough day. Good thing we love those little ones!

Lewieville said...

At least you are staying positive about it!! I totally know how you feel. That sucks, but I agree, we wouldn't trade it for the world. Good luck!!

Crystal said...

I love you Corrine. You tell it how it is... sometimes it's very hard, and sometimes it's really a treat. I like your attitude about it. I'll have to keep it in mind every time Braden pees his pants (still happening way too frequently)