Sunday, June 21, 2009

Girls Pics For Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day!

To the world's BEST FATHER and HUSBAND...

We love you, Daddy! You always cuddle us and play chase the tiger or tickle us. You practice counting and math with us and you support mommy with her little business. You play Candy Land and help feed and wash us and never deny us when we need your hugs and kisses!
You help Mommy by changing poopoos even when they are horribly disgusting, folding laundry when it piles up 3 stories high, brush our teeth and sing songs even though you might forget the words. You are BIGGER than any other dad's I've seen, with your muscular arms and strong Chest.

You always make mommy feel special and you treat her like a Queen and us your princesses! When other dads are rude and lazy and tired - You still help mommy out. You are a great communicator, helper, provider and Mom's BESTEST FRIEND!

We couldn't ask for anything more! You really do put other dad's to shame with your BBQ and marinating skills and your amazing the way you love mom. We see how you give her hugs and kisses all day long and how you talk sweet to her too. Our future husbands have a lot to live up to b/c we will be comparing them to our BEST EXAMPLE OF WHAT A MAN SHOULD BE!
Love you Heeps, Daddy!
Happy Father's Day!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

sew crazy again!

I can't wait to post pics of what I've been sewing now! I love keeping you in suspense. Also, we are on the verge of buying a great car. Let's see what we end up with:)( more suspense, i know, it's killing you) Can't wait to post again! Love you all!( well, almost all of you- some of you blog hoppers- not so much:)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Great, Sad and interesting news...

( the pet's home sweet home!)

Great news... i have handful of friends due within the next 4 weeks! I can't wait to see these tiny babies! My etsy store is hoppin' with sales and so are the boutiques with my products! Sara S. , my new assistant is awesome and catches on quick!
Aria Graduated swim class today! She is a good little swimmer. No a fish like B but good. Now, since she's done all her hard work, she should have more fun when we all swim together.

Brielle is done with gymnastics for the summer and i feel like we can have a life again with our friends. I look forward to many trips to water parks, the children's museum, local splash parks, movies at the district or town square, playdates with more friends and traveleing this summer.

We are still in the market for a car. Brandon is still getting loans closed, thank goodness.

My nieghbor and old assistant is moving tomorrow. She will be back for a short visit as she gets the last of the stuff but , it sucks b/c b"s losing one of her best friends- Erin. we will miss having so much fun with Susan, Codi, Taylor and Erin and Mike, ocassionally. we loved to jump on the tramp, swim, make bracelets, share meals together and we swapped a lot for sitting. I'm totally bummed.B doesn't quite get it. She says" erin is moving tomorrow but, she will be back today!" She says she will miss her. It's hard:(

We have a NEW-ish type pet who actually lived here before we did. She's a bit shy but lives in our jasmine bushes and on our wall. We call her LIzZiE! the girls always like to peek out the window and see if she's there or not. Brandon said he saw TWO on Sunday. He took a pic on his phone to prove it. SO, i guess Lizzie found herself a MAN! ( that's what we will assume) I told Brielle we should give him a name. I suggested LEO. HOw Cute, right Lizzie and Leo? Well, she said she wanted to call him BIG RED. I said' He's not red Brielle. and he's not big. B's says to me so very seriously" it's just a name, mom- we will just call him BIG RED" So, there you have it!
Lizzie and BIg RED!
more later!