Saturday, August 8, 2009

Date Night

Last night we went on a great Date with our friends, Cachay and Joey! It was spur of the moment and was so awesome!
We ate at Black Pepper Grill off Eastern( Formerly White Chocolate Grill)
and then we saw Cirque Du Soliel's Le Reve at the Wynn Theater. I was awe-struck the whole time! The show features on of the world's only water/pool stages and it was incredible how the performers swam and some glided through the air on certain apparatus's. It sometimes had so many things going on at once that my eyes couldn't stay affixed on the main parts but really, every small part played a major role.

There was syncronized swimming in red heels, white suited funny men, red men in skirts doing japanese-ish flips and karate moves. acrobats flipping over suspended tables, lots of good dancing and the moveable floor that rose from the water. It was a spectacle for sure. I recommend it and am grateful for the invite, friends!

I had so much fun and can't wait for another date night with my hubby!
to see more of Le Reve, youtube it!

I must be crazy...

Well, all of those who said: of course you are- this time it's okay b/c i just signed up to run this nutty thing called a Ragnar Relay with my friend Marsha and 11 other people. Check it out. I may be running in your town or by your house even.
During this relay i will run 3 legs in about 28 hours. each leg is anywhere from 3-6 miles each. I asked for the easiest ones since I'm probably the most in experienced runner there.
What have i got myself into. Thanks Marsha:)

Oh and the week after that's over, I plan on doing my first Sprint Triathalon with Marsha too! Man, If this kind of training can't shed off those extra lbs- it has to be my thyroid!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Day after the Party!

We held Aria's B-day Party last night( sat) and she stayed up till about 9:30 that night. Today we went to church like normal and when we got home, i decided to make some snow cones to cool off. SO, i had the girls sit on the tile and eat theirs while i got to sit on the couch( b/c i don't spill anymore:) a few minutes pass and i notice B is almost done with hers and wanting more. I don't hear Aria at all so, i get up and walk around the other couch to find this:

the snow cone worked at cooling her off but the tile was cool too. who could pass that opportunity up to capture her, right?

Brandon wanted in on the action too! Man, she looks like Daddy!

we sure love you BIG GIRL! If you ask Aria is she's a Baby she says" NOOoooo! if you ask her if shes a big girl She says " Yeah! ask her her age and she says" I two!"
Her sentences are like this now" Mommy, mymy ruff ruff loud!" quiet, mymy, stop it, mymy!
She loves bossing the dog around and also hugging Myla! She is still very much obsessed with shoes, babies, puppies. I will have to catch a weeks worth of Aria and her shoe fetish!
Brielle loves being her big sister and teaching her the ropes. She has almost taught Aria how to climb out of her crib but, Aria is short so it's much harder and I'm in no rush this time!

I've decided to put some effort into making thier room more of a priority. Since they've been sharing it, i've put little time into making thier blankets, pillowcases, curtains. BUT Sara has inspired me. I have all the stuff now it's just time to get to work!