Monday, September 21, 2009

Let's go way back to JULY!

I'm still trying to play catch up on my own personal pics so, i am dedicating myself to doing that this whole week:) Finally! I swear, my pics are always LAST!
So, here's few from the BBQ at Bruce's house so, far. It's from July in Fallon!
she puckers her lips so funny!
Owen is getting so big! What a mini hunk!
Uncle Brad swung Aria and Owen and well, probably all the kids that day!

Gabe was so much fun and Uncle Bruces bubbles were a HIT!
Oh boy, when Tirza has a girl- it's over for Brad! He's going to be wrapped around his little girls' fingers! He's such a great father and uncle! Love ya little Brother!
mmm! sherbet and 7up! Grandma Beach and Brielle couldn't wait till after dinner. It's a Beach thing!
can you guess who this is???

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I forgot to tell you...

MOMMASASSY is holding an auction for our RACE TEAM!!! So, jump on there and start your bidding! More items will pop up tomorrow and Tuesday! The auction goes till next Friday! There's items like: Photo sessions/ packages, bows and bow holders, pediped shoes, 2 night stay and B&B in CA and more! Love you all! And thanks for supporting our race team!

The first week of Pre-school

It was such a great day and Brielle was so stoked to go to pre-school.
Daddy and the girls always wait for me to get out the door and the are normally not seated but on daddy's lap waiting. Moms always come last when it comes to getting ready.

Here's B's teacher Miss Lindsay! She loved class so much about 1 hour after we got back home she asked if she could go back again today:)

Her fav. thing is to wear her back pack in her car seat b/c it means she's going to preschool- so she says!( i made that skirt she's wearing!)
She loves learning and is such a smarty pants! Keep up the good work, little lady!
We love you!