Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Message...

I read this book and just finished it. It's called the Message by Lance Richardson. It's about his journeys beyond the veil and back while he was in a coma. I loved it and truly felt uplifted by reading the gospel truths in it's pages. You aren't going to learning any new doctrine or anything from this book but it will reaffirm what you already believe and truly change your way of thinking about what is truly important on this earth. It's a quick fun, spiritual, touching read. You can find it at any church bookstore and it's about 150 pages or so. Without giving too much away, my favorite part was when Jozet feels Lance's spirit beside her in her car on the way to the mall. We do have loved ones in our families that help us each day from the Spirit world.Truly, it is Real!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Long overdue Thanks!!!

So, i have been thinking about all the people in my life whom i need to thank for helping me these past few months. First, i want to thank Brandon, my awesome hubby, for picking up the slack around the house, helping Brielle each morning and night and just still loving me after what pregnancy does to the body. Thanks to Melyna for all the free massages and presents for Brielle and for just being available and dinners. Thanks to Miki for watching Brielle, visiting and all the advice about nursing. Thanks to my in-laws and mother for helping with Brielle and my house and meals and sewing and such, i could keep going on and on about you two women- you are lifesavers. Thanks to my midwives Jill and MArvi for making it such an excellent and special and somewhat funny birthing experience. You will always be remembered. Thanks to all the friends and family who bought diapers and pitched in for our handy double stroller. Thanks to Tirza and Tiffany for the maternity clothes. I hope the next person can get good use out of them. Thanks to Hayley and Alisha for the true advice and friendship they have given me since we were kids. Thanks to Kathi B. for watching my babes when i got mastitis. Thanks to my neighbor Susan for watching Brielle and for visiting and just being you. Thanks to the Nielson family and Dr. Jason for the quick meds for Aria when i needed it. Your family is so amazing and we love you all heeps. Thanks for all my pregnant friends~Cashay, you made this time of my life so enjoyable and i'm so glad we reconnected when we did. You are so special to me, lady! All of my friends who put up with my mixing up of dates, thank you for bearing with me. Thanks to Crystal for your old stuff and for the reality talks of what having two kids would be like. Thanks to my sister Cristiana, for having twins and making it look easy for me. You are such a good example and trooper through it all. I'm so very lucky and blessed to have such great family and friends and i know that God put you all in my life so i could learn from you great things and be uplifted. and if i forgot anyone, i apologize. Love to you all forever!~Corrine

Friday, September 7, 2007

more beach pics!

The Beach!

We spent most of our time at La Jolla and then some time at Mission. Overall the waves were great except for one day when they were so strong the waves literally knocked me over and i did a front handspring under water. It was a little freaky! In all my years I've never had that happen to me. Brielle obviously loved the beach and sand and running from the waves. It was so fun to see her light up about something i love so much. Aria did great too! I kept her in the shade and she napped so well it amazed me. Pictured is cousin Rylie and Brielle and the other is of my brothers Todd and Brent and my dad, Danny. Brent is buried up to his knees. He dung pretty far down to get stuck like that. I only wish i would have taken pics of the beach trip with my friend Ivy and her boys. She has 4 1/2 yr. old twins and a 2 yr. old and is pregnant with her first girl(hopefully and most likely). I had so much fun with them, my aunt Diane, my step mom, Mary and cool people that i met on the beach. I can't wait till next summer to go again!

Our trip to San Diego!

We had a lovely time staying with my Aunt Diane and with my dad too! We went to the beach with both of them and with my friend Ivy and her 3 sons too! It was about a total of 5 days that we hit the sand and surf and we all got a little tan(expect for Aria). The pics i'll post first are of Brielle at the water conservation Garden at Cuyamaca College and then another of Brielle looking like movie star with her shades on. The temps. in SD were no relief from LV most of the time. It hit 108 where we were staying. But i did have 2 days when it was about 95 dgrees. Yes, that was a relief from the Vegas heat. (that's truly pathetic, i know) Anywho, my family reunion was over Labor day and i will be posting pics from that too. So get ready-here they come...

Aria at one Month!

So, i know this is really late b/c Aria is now 7 weeks old but here they are anyway.I bought these dresses for them when i was about 6 months pregnant. I love matching and coordinating thier outfits. The day pictured was the first day Aria and Brielle went to church with us. Before then it was one or the other. They did pretty good that day! Well, more to come soon.