Sunday, September 28, 2008

Like Father, Like Daughter

So, when Brandon was a bitty little boy, he used to fall all the time. He learned to run very soon after he learned to walk. He has kind of a big melon ( custom sized hats usually) and he'd fall straight forward onto that melon of his. Many bruises happened but this was his first big one!Aria has had four bruises so far but this is her first BIG ONE! She did the same thing and used her head instead of her hands to catch herself. She fell on a door track at the sitter's house. I knew  this would happen soon, i was just wondering HOW! Hopefully she doesn't get as bad as daddy did, though!
I must warn you this picture is a bit scary and it's after Brandon had repeatedly fallen on his noggin in the same place. Once, he landed on bricks, once he tried to jump off the church stage and fly like superman and many other Boyish stunts! OUCH! Poor Bitty Brandon!

He turned out alright though. I just put Aria's big flowers on and try to cover that honking bruise for now. 
Thanks Betty for these pics of my man! Love ya!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Bit of Last week's adventures

Last week was a bit of a roller coaster for us. I tried to unpack from our trip up north, clean and organize my house and get some of my business stuff done. Also, i am continuing my workouts every morning as usual. I needed to re-stock our fridge and do the normal home things as well.
We've been debating wether or not to keep Myla now. She's a good dog but, i still feel we don't give her that much QT. She deserves more from Owners. So, that's been on my mind. i also realized last Monday that the Tri-athalon i wanted to do was on a SUNDAY and I'm no
t really interested in Breaking the Sabbath so, I looked into 2 other tri's. One is in AZ and one is in ST. George. I'll let you know what i decide to do. I was way bummed about that SYK!

I got my temporary crown on my tooth and while the sweet hygenist( she really is 
very kind and sweet) was putting this nasty tasting crap in my gums( i mean packing it into a place tat used to have tooth their) the novacaine started to wear off( or whatever it is they use). It started to throb. They gave me more numbing stuff and it was fine after that. 
The next morning, i woke up in minimal discomfort and went on with my daily routine of getting the girls dressed fed and out the door to the gym a
nd while i was preparing some food, I heard aria fall and she yelled/cried so loud, I rushed to her and snuggled her and brought her over to the kitchen. i put her finger under water, thi-
nking she had slammed it or something, then, i went over to wear she was and lo and behold, there was a HUGimous ( Brielle's word) SCORPION ( Scerpie as B's says)!
Yep, i automatically looked a little closer to Aria's finger and thought OH CRAP SHE"S BEEN BIT! So, i ran to my Surgeon/neighbors home and I  was advised to call 911! So, i did and as i got off the phone with the lady, Aria stopped crying? WHat? Maybe she didn't get bit! So, i
 called 911 back and told them i was probably a false alarm since the scerpie was practically dead anyways when i found him( of course it's a male bug:)!
But, the lady said they were already on their way and it was FREE for them to analyze her and unless she needed to be wheeled off there was no charge. So, i said, okay, sure! So in came the men and we had a photo session. 
Of course Aria was fine and just as happy as pie! She won over the hearts of these guys and I'm so glad I was wrong. 

Anywho, i forgot about doing a Poll for my hairstyle. I already got it done. I got coppery/red and honey highlights and a new cut! I love my colors so much and my cut is cool for now. I just keep wanting to cut it shorter. But, i probably won't.
Anywho, I'll post pics of my hair later! 
Oh yeah, last week, i made about 6 custom bracelets and 8 flower clips and this week I'm filling a few wholesale orders so, i will continue to be busy!
I had a great weekend though. i'll post on that later!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Here it goes! Fallon post 1

So, i will have many posts on my trip to fallon and you are free to roam my other two blogs to see more of what i was doing up there! But One really neat thing happened. My brother, Brad turned 25! Yep, I'm 26 and he's 25. My birthday is in January, you do the math. We are close:)
On his birthday we went to church, went to the Grastiet's home for one last party and then came back to mom and Carl's and Tirza and I made him a delicious Reese's Peanut Butter Dream Cake! It was HEAVEN! If you like peanut butter and chocolate, you'll love this! If you are interested you can call me and I'll give you the 411 on it! It's way more simple than you'd think.

Anywho, in me being SLOW, i for got to tell Everyone something!

Yep, She started walking almost a month ago and she's starting to walk really fast now! She often falls on her bum and her face looks like this!
It's like she's saying" how'd i get here again? I was just up walking and now I'm back here already!"We also got to spend lots of time with our little nephew Owen! He's so adorable and he got the nick name BamBam while he was with us. He likes jumping off things just being a boy! Him and Brielle played pretty well. More on that Later!

Brielle was alseep in the car( doors were open and she was safe!) during the whole party at the Grastiet's so she's not pictured. Sorry Big Brielle Fans. But, there's plenty pics of her to come! More later!