Sunday, September 28, 2008

Like Father, Like Daughter

So, when Brandon was a bitty little boy, he used to fall all the time. He learned to run very soon after he learned to walk. He has kind of a big melon ( custom sized hats usually) and he'd fall straight forward onto that melon of his. Many bruises happened but this was his first big one!Aria has had four bruises so far but this is her first BIG ONE! She did the same thing and used her head instead of her hands to catch herself. She fell on a door track at the sitter's house. I knew  this would happen soon, i was just wondering HOW! Hopefully she doesn't get as bad as daddy did, though!
I must warn you this picture is a bit scary and it's after Brandon had repeatedly fallen on his noggin in the same place. Once, he landed on bricks, once he tried to jump off the church stage and fly like superman and many other Boyish stunts! OUCH! Poor Bitty Brandon!

He turned out alright though. I just put Aria's big flowers on and try to cover that honking bruise for now. 
Thanks Betty for these pics of my man! Love ya!


Cristi said...

Yikes, Brandon looks like he had a head on collision with a truck!

AshleyJ said...

Man It's been a long time since I have seen you. I cannot believe these pictures. The last one is Brutal! I will check out your mommasassy blog, and see when you guys are going to the park again!

Rachel said...

Oww! I thought my kids looked bad during this phase, but this takes the cake. Poor kid.

Erin said...

Wow, that looks horrible!! But really I totally understand. Once Madison fell and hit right under her eye on a fire place. She got a black eye and actually has a permanent "dimple" under her eye when she smiles!! It actually looks really cute, but at the time I bet everyone thought I beat her!! The good think is most parents know the accidental bruises!!

Taylor Tree said...

wow. good thing that bruise is where it's at on brandon. otherwise cps may have been called.
aria is still adorable, even with a little more color on her face.

Katrina Madsen Berg said...

holy cow! brandon's bruise makes aria's look almost invisible! :)