Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Aria's Blessing!

So, Aria was blessed last Sunday at our house. We also spoke in church that day and i sang Abide With Me , Tis Eventide. So, we blessed her at home after church so all of our friends could make it. It went well and Aria didn't make a peep. She is in my old blessing dress and my mom and i took some time getting it all back in shape. First, i bleached the 3 separate layers- that didn't work, then, I oxycleaned it for 6 hours and that worked wonderfully. It made the dress about 4 shade lighter than before and now it looks like a light winter white instead of yellow. Then i laundered it, hemmed it and mom carefully ironed it. This dress was first my sister, cristiana's blessing dress, then mine and now Aria's(28 yrs. old). Brielle's dress was given to us by her birthmom. Too see her's archive Brielle's Sealing Day. Both are pretty dresses and i'll post more pics of the blessing when i have time and get some photos off Grandma's camera. Ones with me in them finally. Aria is three months now and is doing great. Brielle loves to kiss and hug her heeps still but she seems to think if she holds Aria's hand , baby Aria will help her get up and down from the furniture. Luckily, i've been around and Brielle realizes Aria is just not much help that way. It was great to have both my mom and dad there along with Todd and Uncle Brian and many friends. We love you all and the people who couldn't make it, we love you too!

Happy Halloween!

Hey everyone! So, here's the pics of Brielle and Aria. Brielle loved being Bo Peep and if you ask her what she was for Halloween she will say"PEEPEE"! I rolled the first time she said that b/c we were at the park with a bunch of moms. Aria liked being her sheep and slept in her costume both at the trunk or treat and around our nieghborhood the next night. We didn't get as many trick or treaters as we did last year and now were stuck with TONS of candy! Plus the stuff Brielle collected. So, if you ever have a sugar craving after your candy is all gone, come on over! All in all it was a fun Halloween!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween Flashbacks!!!

These pumpkins we carved a few years ago with our friends, the Lee's, The Chandler's, The Babcocks, and some other peeps. Oh, how time flies. It was three years ago. Our current pumpkin pics will come tomorrow.

So, our girls costumes this year are soooo fun. But you have to wait to see them b/c i'm taking thier pics tonight before the trunk-or-treat for our ward. But here's a few flashbacks of Halloween's past. This is Brielle from last year. She's so little in this pic. I love it! Her friend, India got to borrow her tutu this year and when she saw her in it, She was kind of ready to rip it off her, but she didn't. She was a good girl.

Myla was our first girl outfitted for Halloween! She hated it but was good at waiting for a treat!
Happy tricking and treating!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Smile Baby!

Aria has cheeks for days and i love kissing them. I'll post another pic later where she not so squished up. She's almost 3 months. Man, time races on! i love it and i hate it.

Flower girl!

A few weeks ago Brielle was the flowergirl for her birthmothers wedding. She was a hit walking down the aisle and halfway there she throws five handfuls of petals in one spot and then walks the rest of the way down throwing none. It was a nice, quick ceremony and Aria decided to have a poopie during it so, Brandon was out in the hall with her and Brielle was visiting everyone and playing in Aria's carseat. It was pure chaos but everyone was so helpful and gracious during the reception. Brielle's such a fun and lively toddler and lately we've been surprised in the mornings or after her nap to walk in her room and find her naked!!! What's up w/ that she is 21 months old. She not supposed to be a stripper! I hope this is a short phase!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

What's our deal!

I'm going to write a list of things you shouldn't do. It will come out very soon, i hope. Here's a pic of one thing you shouldn't do...leave batter in the waffle iron for over 3 hours!!! Yep, i'm forgetful. Last night i even forgot that i had eggs boiling until they exploded in the pan. I was asleep on the couch at that time. Man, this list is going to give you some crazy insight about my life.

I said goodbye to my long locks again. I did this in 2004 and donated it and i'm doing it all over again. I'll post a pic with my new hair . I like the cut too! It's a nice change of pace!

Brielle got her first shiner! She bumped her head on a nice piece of flagstone by our pool. She's such a trooper and i think it frightened me more than it did her.

So, on Sept. 24th Aria hit 2 months old. She's such a sweet baby and is already smiling and letting me sleep about 6 hours through the night. I had a baby b-day party for all my friends who recently had babies and i took pics of some beautiful babies. here's how Aria's 2 month pics turned out.