Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Aria's Blessing!

So, Aria was blessed last Sunday at our house. We also spoke in church that day and i sang Abide With Me , Tis Eventide. So, we blessed her at home after church so all of our friends could make it. It went well and Aria didn't make a peep. She is in my old blessing dress and my mom and i took some time getting it all back in shape. First, i bleached the 3 separate layers- that didn't work, then, I oxycleaned it for 6 hours and that worked wonderfully. It made the dress about 4 shade lighter than before and now it looks like a light winter white instead of yellow. Then i laundered it, hemmed it and mom carefully ironed it. This dress was first my sister, cristiana's blessing dress, then mine and now Aria's(28 yrs. old). Brielle's dress was given to us by her birthmom. Too see her's archive Brielle's Sealing Day. Both are pretty dresses and i'll post more pics of the blessing when i have time and get some photos off Grandma's camera. Ones with me in them finally. Aria is three months now and is doing great. Brielle loves to kiss and hug her heeps still but she seems to think if she holds Aria's hand , baby Aria will help her get up and down from the furniture. Luckily, i've been around and Brielle realizes Aria is just not much help that way. It was great to have both my mom and dad there along with Todd and Uncle Brian and many friends. We love you all and the people who couldn't make it, we love you too!


Taylor Tree said...

look at those blue eyes!! how sweet! can't wait for more pics.

Cristi said...

Yay! So cute- she looks chunkier than Brielle, we like chunky babies! I didn't know mom still had the blessing dress we were both blessed in. That's really neat. I'm so sad we missed it, but I love the photo!

Johnson Family said...

She is beautiful! Great job on the dress, that is so special.