Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween Flashbacks!!!

These pumpkins we carved a few years ago with our friends, the Lee's, The Chandler's, The Babcocks, and some other peeps. Oh, how time flies. It was three years ago. Our current pumpkin pics will come tomorrow.

So, our girls costumes this year are soooo fun. But you have to wait to see them b/c i'm taking thier pics tonight before the trunk-or-treat for our ward. But here's a few flashbacks of Halloween's past. This is Brielle from last year. She's so little in this pic. I love it! Her friend, India got to borrow her tutu this year and when she saw her in it, She was kind of ready to rip it off her, but she didn't. She was a good girl.

Myla was our first girl outfitted for Halloween! She hated it but was good at waiting for a treat!
Happy tricking and treating!


Kiersten Matt Ezra Eliza said...

Cute pics! Hey I was wondering what kind of digital camera you have and how well you like it. Have a Happy Halloween!

Cristi said...

slacker- lets see some blessing pics and current halloween ones! (like I can talk!) Anyway, love ya and keep them pictures comin'!