Saturday, January 24, 2009

Updating and Labeling

So, i still need to update my header for our blog but that's not really what i want to update you all on. I PUT MY LABELS on our sidebar, So please check out Brielle's to see her 2nd yr pictures and so forth. I'm trying not to repeat too many blog posts about the same thing. But, i kind of already have so, look at her posts and I'll post on some sweet pics of my girl this last year!

Other things to update you on...

Brielle is 38.5 inches tall and weighs 27.5 lbs.
Aria is 25.5 inches tall and weighs 22 lbs.
( went to the Dr.)

Me, I'm 5ft 4.5 inches tall and my new body fat measurement is 22.4% Yep! Still losing it!
I started with Nora at 39.6% then i started with Bobby at 26.9%
I lost 8 lbs from when i weighed in last time too! My goal is 18%

Growth is wonderful and so is weight loss!

Brielle's B-day post 2

We loved Brielle's first year and at the end of it she got to announce that we would be welcoming a new addition to the family! Literally a week after her sealing I got pregnant! We loved playing and chasing her all over the place. She developed a bit faster than most her age but, we didn't realize that till people pointed that out to us. She was such a vocal little girly and picked up signs and words so very fast! She was a great toddler and i must say from about 1-20 months was probably her most chubby time as a baby. It was adorable! Here's some more pictures.

Now to see how she grew into her 2 yr old self, next time!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Brielle's Birthday post 1!

So, 3 years ago our little girl was born to a wonderful birth-mom in hospital about 15 mins away from our home. We were invited shortly after she was born to come see her.
We walked into a hospital room with 5 generations of B's birth-family's relatives! Yep, great great gma got to be there and we've never felt so much love from a family like that before. We awed and adored this sweet little girl who we couldn't believe would really be OURS? It was like a movie or a dream. After 4 years or failed attempts at having a family, our wish was made possible by one strong young woman and her family stood behind her all the way.

5 long(government holiday weekend) days later, Brielle was placed in our arms. Our placement day was amazing and so sacred i can't share too much without losing it! We were both just so amazed that anyone would do this for us and for their child. Brielle's birth family is so strong in the gospel and we still see them every so often. We have a deep respect and love for her birth family and we always will.

When she we took her home it took us another 5 days to figure out her name. We kept praying and running over our name list and Brielle kept sticking out to us. When we decided and told her birth family they said that was the name they liked the best too.

On her adoption day the judge looked at us and said that she had never seen a more glowing family and such a beautiful little girl. She told us that adoptions are what get her through the ugly divorces and custody hearings, she saves her adoptions for certain days so the end of her week can end on a happy note!
It was a perfect note to start on for us!

On her sealing and blessing day, she lit up the temple and peeked around the room's mirrors to see her own reflection in it. She was all smiles. So were we. It was a moving experience and we are so blessed to have her in our family! She's the duaghter we were wating for to help our family go forth. A week after her sealing day, i got pregnant with Aria but, i didn't know for a couple more weeks:)
It's like God knew she had to come first in order to have our family begin.

It's not like we are the only people to adopt and then later get pregnant but, i sincerely know that children are meant to be part of these families that they are placed with through adoption.

Brielle's first year was awesome!...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New and ever Changing and Growing!

So, ever changing and growing... We had/have 3 birthdays in January. Mine the 4th( i turned 27:). Myla, our pug turned 4 on the 7th and Brielle is turning 3 on the 12th!

New.. is the year 2009 and all it brings, the sweet 15 ft. trampoline in our backyard, and my new lenses for my camera( well, new to me:)( thanks Jimmy the nikon guy in Reno:) I got a 70-300mm, 50mm fixed AF, 55mm micro-nikor M lens( you got that for me Betty and Clair with your very generous gift card:) and a ProMaster flash. Buying these lenses gently used was the way to go. I saved heeps and got lots and Jimmy has been so helpful- if anyone needs Nikon gear email me, I'll give you his info!
Here's few pics i took of our upcoming Birthday girl while Aria was napping...

I still can't figure out why when i upload my pics to blogger they never come out quite as bright on the blog. Anyone have answers?