Friday, August 3, 2007

10 days old!

WOW! Time has gone by fast and i'm sure it will continue to whiz by. Aria is adjusting well to the world and in our family. Brielle loves saying her baby sisters' name and pretending to feed her with the play bottles that Melyna got her. I don't think Brielle quite gets the fact that she's not a toy b/c yesterday she asked for her when i was nursing her like this" aria, please" and she put her hands out expecting to get her and put her in her toy stroller. Silly girl! The last few days we had some family visit (Mom,Todd,Brian & Terri) and it was really nice to see them all. I was pretty sad when my mom left back home b/c we won't see her for another month. I look at the pics of my mom holding Aria and i can only imagine what she must have felt when she had each one of her babies. Now, we are all (almost) having our babies. Time really does just go tooo fast! I don't want to even think of my girls growing up!