Saturday, August 8, 2009

I must be crazy...

Well, all of those who said: of course you are- this time it's okay b/c i just signed up to run this nutty thing called a Ragnar Relay with my friend Marsha and 11 other people. Check it out. I may be running in your town or by your house even.
During this relay i will run 3 legs in about 28 hours. each leg is anywhere from 3-6 miles each. I asked for the easiest ones since I'm probably the most in experienced runner there.
What have i got myself into. Thanks Marsha:)

Oh and the week after that's over, I plan on doing my first Sprint Triathalon with Marsha too! Man, If this kind of training can't shed off those extra lbs- it has to be my thyroid!


fle said...

You can totally do this! You're awesome!

Marsha Lueck said...

Corrine... You are so funny! You Rock and you will rock both events, You go girl!!