Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Crazy eights

Man, this made me think a little.
Thanks, Traci, i need to really be grateful for what i have.

1. 8....Passionate about
my husband
my girls
performing arts
making the world beautiful(or just my world)
Building strong relations with the people i love
Finding people to serve
anything sweet and fruity
making my home a place everyone feels safe and welcome before i die
watch my kids grow up and succeed
finish my family temple work
move to Colorado and live out my days without 114 degree temps.
Visit anywhere tropical with my husband
make yearbooks of my family as they grow
adopt a couple more kids who need loving arms
Leave a legacy for my future generations
rekindle with my lost friends

3.8..i say often
No, you cannot have candy for Breakfast!
do you know why i put you in time out?
put it back, now!
Stop playing with the water spout/toilet/dog water!
I love you, sugars!
I love you, Honey!(for Brandon)
Come here, NOW!
What is it that you want? Say it, don't just point and say THIS!

4. 8 ... i have read lately
Pottery Barn catalog( i don't know why)
Snuggle Puppy i Love you
Curious George's ABC book
My old journals
Conference talks
What to expect the first years(repeat)
Betty Crocker's cookbook

5.8... I could listen to over and over again
Brielle saying i love you, mommy!
My husband giving me a compliment
any and all uplifting/fun music
Aria and Brielle's laughs and coos and giggles
Pure silence accompanied by a few birds singing
rustling leaves in the wind or rain falling
Brielle blowing kisses( she makes the pucker noise really well)
my friends voices when it's been too long since i've talked with them last

6.8.that attract me to my best friends
they are all so unique
they accept me the way i am, flaws and all
they tell me the truth even if it hurts a little
they are all talented
they are all beautiful( I mean it too) I don't have any ugly friends:)
they've been with me when i needed it most and given me space when i needed it too.
they are easy to converse with even when it's been years (or months)
they live earnest lives

7.8... i have learned this year
get make-up out of the carpet
nurse Aria
trust in my body (birthing)
to make a pouch sling
save money and budget (thanks Cachay:)
Slow down at times and speed up at others
to be a better cook

8. 4 peeps who haven't done this...
Rachel F.
Meghan J.
Jenny C.
Sarah S.


Lewieville said...

How do you get make-up out of carpet? And then did you have it in blankets too because that's what I still can't get out!!! AHHHH!

CChristianmomma said...

for the carpet i used RESOLVE spray foam and elbow grease. then i vacuumed it and then repeated the process again. Try oxyclean on the bedding or good old dawn or something with a degreaser. Good luck!

About Us said...

This is really neat. I love this post. My favorite one without pictures by far. I feel like I got to know you all over again. I love it, love it, love it! Maybe it is the Hormones talking ... i even got emotional. Freak!

rachel said...

loved your crazy eights. and i will be working on mine i hope pretty soon.