Thursday, December 18, 2008


Yep, You heard Right! This is probably the most snow Vegas has had in MANY years!
We had a blast building snowmen and playing with our neighbors out in are hood!
Here's Pictures...
Brielle had way too much fun and didn't want to come back inside and get warm. She got hungry so she decided to come in. I must say, she ate like a champ too! Let's see, i bowl of cereal, a piece of cheese, a half PB&Honey, a bowl of creamy tomato soup, and a quarter of my grilled cheese. She must have played hard. SHE NEVER EATS like THAT!
Aria was just in shock and awe and really didn't like moving around much b/c it's slippery! She would just take a couple steps and then stay there till she go tired. Then she would try to crawl but get stuck in a downward dog position( YOGA) It was funny! She loved it though and we brought her in a few times but she just whined to go back out and be in this incredible snow park!

My friend Melanie S. , does awesome vinyl and this was her Christmas gift to our family! I love it! Our door just looks a bit SASSY! It's a great gift and it peels off when I'm done with it!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! and if i don't post again until after Christmas it's b/c i have many projects to finish and people coming to visit like Hayley and her girls for a night, my dad and brothers and Aunt and Uncle. Loves to you all!

oh ...cute things Brielle says will be posted soon:)


Chelsea said...

Brielle and Aria look soooo cute all bundled up! That picture of Brielle could go in a catalog. :) Hope you guys love your Christmas!

The Wolfley Clan said...

I can't believe you got snow - I am so jealous. You have the cutest girls!