Tuesday, June 3, 2008

So Far so good.

So this is what's up with Me and my weight loss.
I have now lost 68 lbs total. 
Since training with Nora, a period of a little over 3 months, i have lost about 22 total inches around my entire body. My waistline has decreased by 7.5 inches, my arms by 2.5 inches, my thighs by 3.7 inches and so on. 
My body fat % has dropped a full 10 percentage points in only 3.2 months.
and I'm now in a size 8 and some of my tops are smalls now!

I still plan on losing more and getting to a size six before July 24th (Aria's first birthday)
and I want to continue from there. 
To give you an idea of what i came from before pregnancy, i was a 10/ 12 in size and mostly medium size tops. So, i'm smaller now than i was before i had her. 
Still many more lbs and BF% points to go but, so far so good.

Sad news, Nora moves at the end of June. I Cried when she told me and I'll forever miss her but, know i will see her again and keep remembering what she taught me!


Shelise said...

You're awesome Corrine. Definitely someone I can look up to when I am frusterated with my weight. Oh, and the family pics are cute.

Tori said...

That is amazing girl! You look great! Good for you! That is fantastic! I also wanted you to know that i have two blogs that you can check out www.mattandtorijohnson.blogspot.com or www.mandelesfamily.blogspot.com

K.C. & Ipuna said...

Good for you!

Alyssa said...

That is amazing! I'm always inspired by my friends who are great at working out consistently. Thanks for sharing!