Tuesday, July 1, 2008


So, the other day, i had a gal up in my craft room that was purchasing some cute items for her baby and Brielle was sitting at the computer pushing buttons ( me not paying attention). When I did finally realize what she was doing, she got down and went off to play in her room.
Now, tonight, when i went to edit my pics from San Diego and some ones that i took of a friends baby, i pulled up the card info on the comp. and it said that the CARD  was blank.
I tried redoing it 4 times and then stuck it in my camera and tried to check the images and the heart stopping words FILE CONTAINS NO IMAGES is all I see.
Brielle must have erased on the contents when she was playing. I AM SOOO BUMMED! I had so many cute pics. If anyone knows how to get them back. please let me know.

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Brad and Tirza said...

You could check the trash bin on your computer! That may be a long shot - or put the card in a PC and select show all hidden files and check the trash bin on the card -I only say to put it in a PC cause I still don't know how to show those files on a Mac. Call me! - Brad