Tuesday, July 22, 2008

this morning

Brielle sees Brandon with his shirt off as she's walking down the stairs and says excitedly" I have boobies. Do you have boobies too dada?" He said no and we explained how men have a CHEST.
Brielle said " okay" and proceeded to count how many she had. She exclaimed that she had two and counted hers again and daddy's and says" Mommy has big ones and you and me have little ones" i asked her if Aria had any and she said no but Myla ( our pug) had lots and lots and she licks them and her bum too." 
I don't know how much skin we will be showing around our 2.5 yr old anymore. She's really observant with many things like when we spell N-A-P or B-E-D. Brielle will say" i don't want an N-A-P, i'm not tired but, Aria can take mine." 
She's just growing up too fast and she's saying such funny things!

I just made this dress for her and to learn more about it click here.

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Sharlin said...

Oh My Goodness-What a cute dress!! You're so talented Corrine!