Monday, July 21, 2008

Our ISR Graduate!

Brielle graduated from her ISR swim/survival class this last week and she finished her training at 4 weeks. the average toddler+ takes usually 5-6 weeks sometimes 7 so, this means... Brielle is a little MERMAID! Yep, I asked her and she's not a fish, she a mermaid! She tested a few days swimming fully clothed and with that extra weight she still did great. We are so proud of her and she's so much fun to swim with now!

Frankie was a great teacher and we are lucky to have her teach Aria for one more week. She's also a mother of 4 boys. That deserves an award by itself. More on ISR as Aria finishes her last week this week.


Kiersten Matt Ezra Eliza said...

That is awesome! We are starting regular swim lessons with Ezra and Eliza today- Ezra is so excited, he really loves the water!

Taylor Tree said...

yay for bri!! that is so valuable. sweet pics of sd

Kelly said...

I definitely need to do this class with Eli. It seems so awesome.