Sunday, July 6, 2008

6 Great Years!

Yep! We've reached that milestone already! It's been 6 wonderful years full of so many great times together. I am so grateful I got to marry my best friend and that we are still so much in love. Brandon is the best father, husband, friend, and so much more to me and our family. He's always seeking to be better and do better for himself and the welfare of his family. I love who he is and who he has yet to become. I know he feels the same way about me too.
We we're sealed on July 5th 2002 in the San Diego Temple. It was wonderful and just as i pictured it would be. 

We love going on dates and I just can't get enough of this hot man!
We also love Colorado and hope to be living there sometime in the near future. 
This is of our Adoption Profile pic. and we had so much fun getting ready for little Brielle to come to our home!
For our anniversary Brandon took the girls over to his mom's home while i went and got a needed pedicure and manicure. Then we went looking for new cabinetry for our kitchen and to the BEAD store for a few necessary items for my store. We went and grabbed a bit and then saw GET SMART(totally worth it, so Funny!) and Brandon bought me a special NEW diamond ring. He was going to do it last year but, we had Aria on the way and it wasn't a priority then. So, He splurged and got me 2.88 carats of loveliness. Thank you HONEY! I'd love you even without a ring! (my fingers aren't pretty so, i just put it on cloth instead and the ring box was so contrasty)


Allen said...

Hey Chica!
I can't believe it's been six years now! Congratulations! That ring is HOT by the way. Oh, and I saw Get Smart while I was in San Salvador (El Salvador) and I laughed my head off! It was in English with Spanish subtitles and the Cinemark down here only charges $3.50 for the movie and $1.75 for popcorn--$0.25 extra for! The friends I went with thought I was crazy for splurging and getting the butter. I guess I must be a fat, lazy American or!
Anyway, here's to the next six years of happy marriage! Love you cuzin!

Kelly said... guys are so cute together.

Jake, Amy and Luke said...

What is it w/ everyone getting these huge ROCKS for their anniversary?! Yeah, I'm a little jealous! Congrats on 6 lovely years!

Cristi said...

Happy Anniversary Brandon & Corrine. It sounds like it was a fun day for ya!

FamLee said...

WOW, a new diamond! I can't wait to see it! We need to get together lady, it's been too long!

The Harrisons said...

Oh, that's sweet! And can I just say bling bling! Congrats. Talk to you later.

And then there were three... said...

Yeah for having 6 yrs experiance for me to pull from when needed! he he .. and DANG GIRL that ring is - WOW - I am sending Terry to spend time with Brandon when we get closer to 6 yrs. A great tradition for a new ring .. or at least another one! he he ... Love you