Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Aria graduated ISR classes too!

Aria took 5 weeks but nailed it. She now floats very well even when flipped upside down or sideways. She's not happy doing this kind of survival training but, she's much safer if ever she falls into water unsupervised. Hopefully this will never happen but, if it does, she's got the skills to FLOAT instead of SINK/ DROWN.

Yes, her pants are not buttoned b/c i put six month pants on her. oops! ISR requires a few days of practice with clothes on b/c most accidents happen when kids are fully dressed. The baby/ kid needs to feel the weight difference of being in water with all that extra weight on.
We are so proud of her and she's our Tiny Floater Girl now!


Kyle M said...

This is so awesome. I mean, Brielle was cool, but I guess it didnt hit as close to home because she is a little older. But with Aria its just like seeing Hudson in the water on his own, the only difference is that he definitely could not do this on his own. Congrats Aria! Woohoo Im so proud of that little girly.

brad & tirza & Owen said...

It almost doesn't look real cause she's so little! That's awesome!

beach girl always--at heart said...

Great job on All the baby girls swimming and floating, including YOU... I wish I was closer so I could be there, I am missing way too many things...........boo hoo... I love you all so much.
Love Mom