Sunday, February 22, 2009

Luv my girlies!

Just some cute pics of my girls!
she's mostly like this when she's happy. Very wide-eyed and lively!

And loves to give her big sister hugs as well as Myla!

Happy to play BOO in and out of the tent.

She still has those sweet cheeks i love to munch on and kiss! Brielle was kind of camera shy this time, very weird and unlike her normal self. Hey, we all have those days!
We had such a fun day this last Saturday just doing nothing- almost. We went to the park, made tutus with our neighbors and friends, jumped on the tramp with Daddy and Brielle, made yummy waffles with Blueberries and Bananas, read stories, played playdough and just laughed like kids. Daddy watched the UNLV game with his bro and cousin. And had a fun time watching them barely win.
Then, i woke up Sunday with a worse cold than i had before and an earache. It SUCKED. it's almost gone now. I didn't know adults could get them. It's awful. Anyways, I'll write again later.


erin said...

So cute!!

birmingham family said...

Hey! I found your blog. Your girls are so cute! Love all that pink and girly stuff!

the wife said...

she totally has your big beautiful eye. just a different color.
bummer about being sick. i hope you feel better.

Lila said...

Your girls are beautiful!