Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Obviously, it's been a while since i updated you all on Aria!!! She's almost 19 months now and is doing great. Her teeth are all starting to fill in a bit. She runs like crazy everywhere and has NO fear of anything. we call her Bruiser and Teeny Bits b/c she is exactly that. She's the smallest of all her friends and won't hesitate to try and get her way. Brielle has to watch her back with her sometimes and we are teaching Brielle to not whine when she takes things from her but to Take it back from her! Heck, She's the OLDER sister.
Aria is speaking tiny sentences like: Mommy baby down! Be-l seeping! Baby seeping nigh night!

No mymy( our dogs nickname) mommy eat food. etc...

She LOVES her baby dolls and Brielle likes dolls too but Aria likes them more. Aria loves humming, singing, dancing to music, playing with big girl shoes, trying to get socks on her feet( that takes about a half hour!) and climbing up and opening things!
she's a doll and lots of cuddles and work. She will be such a great bigger sister someday!
That's her in a small nutshell:)

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Baby Chic Boutique said...

We sure love that beautiful baby girl,and her big sis too......

Thank you for shareing all with us.

Love Mom & Carl