Thursday, February 5, 2009

Brielle's 3rd B-day post 1

Brielle got to celebrate her 3rd b-day in high style with a Princess Tea Party at a local boutique in town, Pattycakes, and had her a few of her great friends there to have loads of dress-up fun with her. Here's some pics...
The girls got to make a wooden princess craft and Brielle LOVED decking her out in sequins!
All the girls got to pick out thier own ball gown, get there hair styled, do a craft, pick out the crown and shoes of their choices!
They walked in a mini princess parade then sat down for tea.
The girls loved twirling outside and in and loved the 3 course catered tea party. Brielle got a BELL to ring whenever her or her friends needed anything.

It was so adorable and i got to actually enjoy it quite a bit. i have more photos of this coming up. they will be done in some creative fashion though. more to come


US said...

That was such a fun little party! Our girls are such princesses! I wan to get a copy of your pics.

SBAM said...

It looks like they had a BALL! what a fun idea!