Saturday, February 23, 2008

Brielle's new look!

So, my great Friend Cachay, cut her hair and b/c it's thin, the only hair-do that works is the kId- BoB! I love it and am so glad to see her scraggly baby locks go! I will miss big piggy-tails but they will come soon enough.

So a few cute things that Brielle says(hopefully i'm not repeating myself)When she spins in circles and gets all dizzy she says" I'm Bizzy, mommy!"She like to tuck her babies into their beds and come to me and say "shh, baby__ is see-ping!"
She says" Daddy, stop talking like that!"(in her low voice) when Brandon gets excited watching sports or something!
She's still very slender and has a tiny little waist and Aria has a bigger booty than her! She loves to dance and she says"i'm June, mommy!(little Einsteins)She calls calls Ballet- blal-ay! and Gymnastics- Nastics! It's so fun to have little conversations her her and she loves to read with us and to her dolls. I walked into her room and she had the water spray bottle and my brush and she said "i'm bu-sing her hair, mommy!" It even cuter b/c the baby is BaLd!!!We Love her and she's such a great sister to Aria! I love my girls and i can't wait till Aria gets some hair and i can do something fun with it too!


Taylor Tree said...

so cute! i can't wait to talk more with jill.
i love the bob! as you know though i'm a bob girl myself.

Crystal said...

That looks really good on her. Of course with that beautiful face, she could pull anything off!

AHEM said...

that flower is HUGE!

i love aria's so serious face. it's crazy how they look alike. they could be blood corrine!

Brad and Erin Lewis said...

I love Brielle's hair!! It looks so cute! How long are you going to be in Fallon? You'll have to call me if you have time!

CChristianmomma said...

Only for Friday through Sunday!

Rod and Lynda said...

Hi Corrine,
I've really enjoyed your blog and keeping in touch with your life. Thanks!
Best Wishes to you and your precious family always!
With Love, Lynda

Mike and Megan Johnson said...

When I finally have a baby you have to take pictures! Your pics are amazingly beautiful!