Friday, February 1, 2008

ARIA is 6 months Already!

Okay gang, so it's Friday and time to catch you all up. It has been another rough week. After Aria finished teething and all look like it was on the upswing, Brielle started getting her 2 yr. molars in! So, she was whiney and her mouth hurt and a few days later she got a cold and cough which i caught a few days after that as a head cold and sinus. So, here we were, all sick and yesterday i woke up feeling about 50% better but, i still had the sinus thing. Well, i walk downstairs holding Brielle and i set her on the counter only to feel something squirming underneath my toes. My first thought was" it must be leftover food that i dropped" . then it started moving and fast. I immediately backed up to see a 3 inch SCoRpIoN ! I screamed and told Brielle to stay where she was (on the counter) and i ran and got Brandon's shoes and stepped on the dang nasty thing. I thought all was over until about 2 mins. later when i felt my toes start to TiNgLe! Yep, that sucker stung me!!! So, i immediately called my friend who had been stung when she was pregnant and she told me what the doctor told her to do. Take a Benadryl and if it starts to swell or i get sort of Breathe or really anxious i am allergic and i need to go to the ER! So, Lisa brought me over some Benadryl and took Brielle for a few hours and i tried to clean and rest. It hurt in the weirdest way, i can't really even describe it, either. Needless to say the rest of my plans were shot that day and i took a 2 hour nap when the girls went down. I'm no longer feeling the venom and i still have sinus congestion and Brielle is starting to get better(keep praying) And Aria is just along for the ride. She's doing great!

So here's some pics of her and a few glimpses of her room. She sits up for about 2-3 mins total and then she falls over or rolls to her side. I can't wait to take some pics with her bitty teeth showing. They are still so small though. I can't believe how the time has just vanished. Just like the venom in my toe!

I have to throw this last tid-bit in here b/c i've been working really hard- I have lost 40 lbs! My regular jeans are a little loose on me and i hope to lose about 15-20 more pounds. i start training the end of February with this rad chick named Nora! I'm stoked! Love you all! And i'll read all your blogs soon.


Idaho Family Circus said...

COngrats on the weight things! That is awesome! Although, I thought you were the dang cutest prego chick being so 'round' with water and such. I loved it! You were ceriously so cute! Honest. Anyway, yikes! I am so glad you are alright. How did that thing get into your house? EWWWWWW!!! makes my feet hurt just thinking about it!

Nancy said...

That was an eventful post! First of all, you're hired. When we have a real house in about, say 10 years, I'm flying you out to decorate the kids' rooms. Aria's room is absolutely beautiful. Please post pictures of Brielle's, PLEASE!

The scorpion thing freaked me out. Don't do that to me again. I'm glad it all worked out ok.

Congratulations on your weight loss-that is phenomenal! Please post your secrets, or email me. I'd love to hear how you did it! I

Crystal said...

Creepy! I hate scorpions. The house here was infested with them when we first moved in. After the bug man came a couple times they left since there wasn't a lot left for them to eat. Dang, I want to lose pounds! That is so awesome. I agree with the above comment, post your secrets!

Taylor Tree said...

holy moly. that is such a cute room. happy half birthday aria!!

crazy that you didn't even feel the sting until after... scary, but better you than your sweet babies. the venom is worse for kids.

40 lbs!!! whats the workout schedule. i'm serious about getting in good shape after this babe.

Jake, Amy and Luke said...

What an adorable room. Did you paint or is that wallpaper?

CChristianmomma said...

Wow! You guys are so funny!
Firstly, the scorpion got into our house b/c i brought in an outdoor topiary and it must have found it's way in from that to our kitchen (about 20 feet)! Other than that we haven't seen a live one in over 8 months. Most of the live ones we do see are on their way to death from the bug guys poison!
Nancy- when you get a home, i will be glad to help you decorate and i will post more room pics of both girls rooms.
My weight loss success secrets-
move more-eat less.
High protein snacks like trail mix, nuts, hard boiled egg whites, tuna(no mayo) shrimp cocktail etc...
Weight lift at least three times a week. Muscle mass needs more energy to thrive-therefore, if your not eating as much it will use your stored fat at burn that first!!!
I go to the gym 3-5 times a week. When it warms up i will start training for the half marathon. I should post pics but i suck at taking them of my self, so maybe i'll have Brandon do it and i'll post before and after pics, maybe!
Nancy, for more info, i'll email you, i can go on and on. i did a few other things that have helped too!

CChristianmomma said...

Oh yeah, Crystal, you don't need to loose any weight
Amy, the fat stripes are paint, the skinny middle stripe is ribbon and her letters are fabric circles with painted letters and hand-stitched detailing that mimics the detailing in the quilt and bumper. This rad girl Sarah did the letters, distressed the cabinet and she also painted Brielle's play kitchen , which her husband made, I'll be posing on that soon. her website is i think.
Jamie- i bet your just as cute as you say i was

Cristi said...

So cute! I need help in the home decor area- between you and Crystal, I hope I'll have help someday.

Also, the scorpion story is freaky- I wish you no more scorpions in your home (or mine for that matter).

I Can't believe Aria is already 6 months. Love ya girl and I do have an AIM account, so lets talk!