Monday, February 11, 2008

TEETH and Girls!

So, Aria has these little pearls that i'm dying to show you. They finally got big enough that when she smiles you can see them, so here they are. Aria is developing a lot. She sits up for over 10 mins. sometimes and just plays and squeals and such! She has her little pincher grasp and picks up cheerios and she gets up on all fours and pushes herself backwards. She loves to grab anything she can and stick it in her mouth, as all babies do at her age. It's pretty funny b/c people will hold her and they let her grab their finger and she grabs the whole hand of the person and begins to suck. If she can, she will suck on her toes too. I try and let her do that after she's been bathed, only! She went in the REAL baby swing at the park by our house for the first time and she obviously LoVeD It! She and Brielle play so great together and they crack each other up in the car.

As for Brielle, she is doing great considering she too is getting her molars in and is becoming a bit independent. More like she's in the Terrible part of the Twos!!! She's not a bad kid she just has tantrums once in a while. Like for instance, she didn't want to eat little apple slices, she wanted the Whole big apple. So, i said, you must wear a bib then. She contested and i said okay, then you can just have the little apples. she started sobbing b/c she didn't want to wear a bib and she didn't want the little apples. It went on for a half hour of crying and whining. I put her in time out and she kept getting out and i did the calm supernanny thing, where you just silently put them back until they stay. that took another half hour! She was crying and saying"no, i don't want to, anymore!" She does things like this probably once a day now and i just keep doing the whole time out routine and i am tired of it.

On a positive note, she says a lot of CUTE things too. She calls Little Einstiens "little Eintimes" She calls Bugs- beebugs or serpies(i'm guessing she derived that from serpent?)She says cute things like I'm going to catch the Moon mommy! You get it too, mommy!. She will says she loves us randomly too and she likes to say that she is PRINCESS BEAUTY! She likes helping Aria eat her food and likes cleaning her kitchen up( i need to post pics of that btw) She is also doing great at her gymnastics class. She has only been once but she was doing a lot before she even went to the class. Which btw, i will put her in a different one next time b/c this one is too disorganized! She does assisted backbends, sommersaults on her own, she can walk the balance beam and lift her legs high. She loves trying new stuff and is such a joy to be around almost always.
Anywho, that's what's up with MY GIRLS! 
ps. Brielle likes to carry two dolls and say "come on my girls, i got my girls mommy". She also just named a couple of her dolls- CHerry, the fairy puppet(thanks mom) and baby STACI, the rad vintage doll my GMA Beach gave her. I'll post on those too!


Cristi said...

Soo cute! Love those girls. Aria is growing up before I even get to hold her and squeeze her little baby cheeks! Miss ya!

Johnstons said...

I am totally going through the same things with Maggie. Seems like it is a constant power struggle. I'm glad I am not the only one:) I just have to remind myself of the very sweet moments we do have together. Makes it all worth it!

Connie said...

No such thing as terrible two's sweetie! It is terrible teenagers! Enjoy every minute of those two beautiful little girls because the time will fly by!

Fiona Mathews said...

That picture of Aria has to be the cutest ever! I love it!

CChristianmomma said...

Okay Connie, You win, you are right!