Sunday, February 24, 2008


Hey everyone! So, we're going to be on TV this week. Check it out or DVR/TIVO it.
Episode HNT-2309
Not Enough Room in Nevada
A couple who recently adopted needs room for a growing family!

Air times:
Wednesday, Feb 27th 10:00 PM
Thursday Feb 28th at 2:00am

I'm sure they will re- air this episode again in the future, if you for some reason can't see it then. If you do see it, have fun laughing at us, as we look at the really dated 80's house(hint hint)(or not). If you've never seen where we live have fun guessing!


The Allen Fam said...

I was wondering when it was going to air. So Excited for you guys.

Lewieville said...

We don't get HGTV so I will have to try to catch it online! How exciting.

Jon and Cheryl said...

I love that show!! (Poor Jon wishes HGTV didn't even exist because I occasionally force him to be subjected to it) How fun to be on TV. I'm excited to watch it. I love your blog, your girls are adorable. Take care, Cheryl

The Allen Fam said...

Matt and I just finished watching the show and you guys did great on it. Even though I haven't been to your new home I still picked the correct one in the end. I just know you that well. You guys look like the perfect little family. We are so happy for you and miss you tons! Corrine, still gorgeous as ever. Love you!