Monday, February 25, 2008

Who is better?

Okay ladies and gents!(mostly ladies!)
Check out these two images...

So, this is who trains me two days a week and beats me into submission!!!

And this is the trainer on the biggest loser show who isn't as Gorgeous!

 How old is Nora ??? 

I am so grateful i spotted her on the gym floor training another lady b/c i was looking around at some of the trainers and some were too slender of a build and some weren't even in very good shape. So, when i saw her i went up to her and said " I would like to train with you in a month or so , what's your availability?" Of course she gets approached all the time but, people often don't follow through but, i called her, set up our schedule and the day the first session came she said" you showed up!" What, like i was going to back out? I guess some people do back out but, not me. I'm bent and determined to BRING SeXy BaCk!
I'll post my pictures soon. Probably after the beginning of March. Yeah, i've lost 50 lbs. but i still have new goals. I'll keep you posted on how I'm doing! I am lucky to have my friend Irene train with me often and a few other girls. It's fun and were accountable to each other so we go more. I challenge every chick who might be struggling to grab a motivated friend-not a snickers bar, and Get In Shape together!
Meanwhile. Nora, will be a contributor to my mommasassy blog and give sweet tips to all mothers on everything health/nutrition and fitness related! Look for it! 


Robbie, Marsha & London Lueck. said...

AWesome stuff! Good to hear you are achiveing goals and accomplishing them with hard work and motivation. Sounds like your having fun with it all.Did you take before and after pictures??? You'll have to post it all!Can't wait to get back to my fitness goals once this little munchkin comes, until then I guess good ole mama nature gets to take over.
We've got to get these two girls together!!

Jake, Amy and Luke said...

Wow, you've lost 50lbs, you are amazing! After I have this baby, I will have to get some tips from you. Keep it up girl!

Britt said...

Your trainer looks like she could kick any one's butt into shape! I agree that most of the trainers I have seen on the floor I have not been impressed with- their body is their biggest selling tool and most don't advertise too well.

AHEM said...

way to go corrine!

Danna said...

Hi Corrine! Remember me? It's Danna (Tjaden) Probst. I've been reading Cristiana's blog for a while now...and then last night my mom (in CA) was watching HGTV, by chance, and saw you and your family on! She DVR'd it for Kate and I to watch when we visit next time. Anywho, I wanted to tell you congrats on all the weight loss!! I need to lose about that much after having my two kids...and the trainer I had for 2 wks. was lame and pregnant. I have no idea on how to really drop the lbs.--how did you do it? Anywho, good to see ya' through the blog and take care!