Saturday, March 8, 2008

P-day (another meaning!)

Okay, so it's not Prep. day for us, it's Potty training day!(or Pee day, take your pick!)
So, Today i had the novel idea of giving it a test run. So, after Brielle woke up from her nap i decided to put big girl panties on and see what she would do. When i first put her in them, she said"we going swimming?" I said no and she ran into my bedroom and hid behind the curtains. It was cute and i imagine in her little mind she was a little confused as to why she was wearing such weird bottoms. 
Throughout the rest of the day, I gave her tons of liquids and she just would stand there and pee the first few times and as she was going, would tell me. She didn't like the feeling and she didn't seem to care too much at first. So, after three panty changes and letting her run around without some on but, with a dress on, She started to pee a bit and then said' mommy i gotta go potty, now" so , we ran to the potty chair and she WENT! We of course were so excited and she got a Chocolate(which she has developed into not Clock-lit but, Shock-lit!). She also got to wear her tinkerbell ones b/c she was doing pretty good. After that time she peed again on the rug and one of her chairs.
 It was crazy but, so far i think i'll stick with sundresses and bare bum it b/c she seems to be more aware of her urges that way (and maybe we will spare a few more home furnishings). She's getting there and I think we will go half days until i the 16th. let's see what happens.   p.s don't click on these words, i can't get it off the link to the picture on the right, of Brielle. weird, i know.

As for the rest of us, Aria learned to say Mama and she is still little and fits in her 3-6 months clothes(which are now too hot to wear). Brandon is closing MaNy Loans, Thank Heavens! And i'm getting thinner, doing my mommasassy blog, i started my ETSY store and i will tell you more about that the next time i post. Aria crawls backwards and she is such a giggly girl. I love my little family- pee days and all!


LVCecils said...

Hey gorgeous!!! I saw your cute little family on house hunters, I'm a HGTV junkie. Your girls are so beautiful. I love your mommasassy site. I check it all the time. I'm glad you found us. It's always fun to see what everyone is up to. I remember "p-day". I'm so glad I have almost 2 years before I have to do it again.!!!

Ipuna said...

Glad you found us. K.C. says hello. Your Momma site is cute. Thanks.

Taylor Tree said...

what cute pics of the sweet girl. good luck with the training.