Monday, March 31, 2008

Easter Pic and so much more!

Yeah, so obviously i've been a bit busy with my many things that i do and with kids and working out and what-nots. I've been re-connecting with ton of old friends from college and making new ones sporadically. I know i have the gift of gab but the people have just been coming out of the woodworks lately. I've met all kinds of great peeps and i'm so grateful that they been put in my life to teach me something( i must need a lot of teaching:) Anywho, Easter was great and Brielle and Aria got cute toys
and Brielle loved egg-dying and finding all the plastic eggs with treats that fling everywhere b/c she would shake the living daylights out of them. Or just stop during the Hunt and eat out of one. 
She is doing great at using the Big girl potty with no extra seats and things and she tells us when she's went and 50% of the time she asks for Shocklit, the other time she forgets. So, it's becoming very routine. So, i won't mention it much anymore unless it's funny or crazy or something. Enough Potty talk, right! 
Aria finally army man crawls forward, which is great progress since she used to crawl backwards. She is doing so good with foods and getting around and all that fun baby stuff. She still has her two teeth and her hair is getting way lighter, almost Brielle's color. She's still small(16 lbs.) and she still wears her newborn shoes and booties and 3-6 month onesies or smaller if they are Gap or Children's place( not many of them in her wardrobe) I stick with the general stores that run good for the girls- Old Navy, Dillard's( baby gap runs skinny and a few other brands there), Target, Nordstrom, and H&M on occassion. I went to one of my favorite shops when I was up in UT two weeks ago. I found it when Brielle was about 6 months old, when i was up to visit my sister, It's called Naartjie (nar-chee). It's a New Zealand/ Australian brand that has such fun styles. colors and lots of fun layers. Aria will have Brielle's hand me down's from last summer to wear this year from there, as well as all the new stuff i got last trip. They have two stores up in Sandy and salt lake and other than that, i haven't seen them other than online. 
I'm still busy as ever and i decided to start doing a bit of Photography (a couple families and baby pics)again and i took on a wedding cake client for May. I just don't want to be too busy with all my many artsy things. So, i'll do a little here and a little there now and again. I made a sling for my girlfriend and some boy burps for another girlfriend and a nursing cover for me. It was a good week for sewing! 
He interviewed with them a few weeks ago and now it's official- he will be handling Jumbo and Super Jumbo Loans- primarily! He's so determined and driven and i respect and love Brandon for his ability to achieve anything he sets his mind to. I love it that he supports me in my hobbies and interests and the fact that he'd do anything, if he had to, to make sure i could stay home with our kids- even work multiple jobs, if he had to. Thankfully, he doesn't have to and he continues to amaze me daily. He's an amazing daddy and we have so much fun together.
This last weekend we went to the Monster Truck Finals with Joey and Cachay and we had a blast! I've never seen trucks like that before and such a diversity of people as well. i only saw a few mullets and bad hair cuts- the rest were tolerable. The air was filled with dust, gas fumes, burning rubber and beer. The Sam Boyd Stadium was full to the brim and we even sat a few seats down from one of Las Vegas's local celeb-reality stars from A&E's KING OF CARS!  Chop ( the man with us) took his two sons there and a most kids, they were eating it up. I never knew trucks could jump like that. Also, a CHICK won the freestyle round- Dawn Creten who drove the Scarlet Bandit! she made the boys cry, she was amazing and she looks like a kid! btw she's a mother of THREE! Beat that!
Anywho, it was a great time had by all. 
*Thanks Cachay and Joey for the tickets and Gma and Gpa Christian for watching our girls. We'd rather have you watch them than anyone else. We love you! 


Idaho Family Circus said...

Yeah for easter pictures! I love it .. cant wait to take some next year of Isabelle. Love you

Kiersten Matt Ezra Eliza said...

beautiful girls! I love the giant flowers! Do they keep them on pretty well? Eliza takes her clips out if she finds them, so I have just been sticking to small ones. Sounds like you guys are doing well!

CChristianmomma said...

pretty well. Brielle asks to have her bows and flowers on if they are ever off. I will be selling flower clips/ headbands like that on my Etsy store!

Sarah Goodsell said...

Cute girls! Good to talk to you the other day!

Cristi said...

Wow, those are some big flowers! You can use those pictures to threaten to show their boyfriends in 16 years. I'm only teasing (I'm actually cracking up at how hilariously funny my own joke is to me- probably not to anyone else, but I'm having a great laugh right now) Anyway, your girls ARE beautiful! Love ya sis.

Taylor Tree said...

looks like you've been busy and having fun!! thanks for the update finally.

Katrina Madsen Berg said...

luv the easter pics! carsten still talks about your beautiful girlies. he was excited to see their new pics. you still mad at me for the sassy pic? good news...already have 11 subcribers on the momma sassy blog! another funny thing...i was chattin' with a friend of a friend in springville and was telling her about momma sassy. she'd already been on! crazy. she was looking for preschool ideas and found it. luvs.

Mary said...

Hey C!
Your girls are adorable!
Great to see you're selling your stuff. Looks like you are doing great!