Sunday, March 16, 2008

What a weekend!

Hey everyone! So,we had an event filled weekend attending the Mountain West Conference Finals Men's Basketball games, watching Brielle and Aria in a mini fashion show at Nordstrom, and trying to get our stuff together at home.  Here's a few pics. (Thanks to Kylie,Stephanie, and Betty and Clair for watching my girls! we totally appreciated it!)
 And YES i am glad BYU lost! UNLV has been rebuilding and has worked hard and both teams will play well in their brackets(hopefully). Sorry, BYU fans that you won't have much to talk about this sunday at church! Also, the annoying guy sitting next to me on Saturday- I hope you learn to not argue with everyone around you and keep your unwanted thoughts to yourself!!!

Brielle did great in the little fashion show and I held Aria down the little runway. Both had cute outfits on that i did not purchase! ( i got other clothes though) Brielle did a few ballet style leg lifts and a threw her arms in the air as she kinda sorta walked down the runway with her friend Evan P. They were both adorable. 
The down side is, it was at 8:30 in the morning and the store wasn't even open so the show was just for those whose children were already in it. And they only took a crappy Polaroid when i was thinking they were going to do some portraiture. And the SILVER frame that we were supposed to get for being in the show, was no more than a piece of matting board with a silver trim on it!LAME! The kids all got balloons and cookies and I got 15% of my purchase that day but, I don't think we will do that again!
Anywho, i got to hang out with My friend Sharlin, on Friday and i got my craft room cleaned(thanks Shar) and i made some cute flower hair clips, hung out with my hubby, put stuff in the attic(brandon did it)and started a few new projects ,like making a highchair seat cover for Aria!
Here's a failed attempt at a family picture. I think i'm cross-eyed in it!
Now, i know how all my friends feel with 2 or more kids. It's nearly impossible to get a good one. My friend Sarah C. will be taking our new family pics in April. I'm stoked because she took our engagement photos! She has her own site now too so just go and click on lvcecils and her blog will pop up as well as a link to her photography site! 
Well, that's what we've been up too! BTW Brielle is still doing good on the potty! She trained in about 3 days and she just does it on her own and has about 4 accidents the whole week.
I'm going to UT on Tuesday, so, if i haven't called you yet, Call me and lets hang out! I'm there till Saturday morning!


Taylor Tree said...

your girls look so sweet.

Idaho Family Circus said...

What takes you to Utah? You should extend your trip and drive to Idaho too ... its only like 4.5 hrs from Ogden ... HINT HINT!! he he .. Love you - the girls are so dang cute! Love that smile on Brielle .. want to kiss her face all over! Do it for me!

The Allen Fam said...

Hey girl! I just wanted to let you know that yesterday I started my second week of my new life changing program. Last week went so well I exercied every day and I ate better. Just wanted to say thank you for your words and your example. Love you!