Friday, January 25, 2008


Okay, so the last few days have been a blur b/c Aria hasn't been sleeping through the night, as of late. Then, she all the sudden has this RuNnY FlemMy Nose/throat things and she CoughS like she choking to death. Of Course, i freak out and assess the situation. I pull out my ear thermometer( so worth the 20ish bucks, i payed for it) No Temp! And her runny nose is clear stuff. So, i talk to my friend, she mentions RSV and i automatically assume the worst and monitor her temps like a hawk. So, by the end of the day, i go and get a humidifier and speak to the Pharmacist about what i should do. The next night was terrible and the day was another blur of sobbing and whining and snot. Then, i stuck my finger in her mouth for her to suckle on and WHaT do I feeL??? TWO BOTTOM TEETH! DUH! Like, i did this with one kid already. Shouldn't i know not to assume the very worst? Man, we moms can be so paranoid sometimes. SO, soon, i will post pics of the teeth, when she's a little less cranky! I swear by Tylenol and Teething tablets and cold washclothes right now!


Taylor Tree said...

lol!! i thought this story was heading down a bad path. i'm relieved it's only teeth. hope you get some sleep soon.

Mike and Megan Johnson said...

Teeth already! Wow, don't they grow up fast? It was great talking with you they other day.

Idaho Family Circus said...

COnfrats on teeth! Guess its time for bottles soon ... gonna start chompin!