Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mitt or get off the pot!

Okay, i just had to do something funny with his name. Brandon said he should have a new campaign slogan"Mitt's the S***" just to see what all the LDS peeps would do. Okay, on a serious note. He came to town and he won in NV and we got to see him and Brandon shook his hand and my friends got tons of pics with him holding their baby(not the one pictured here). Were rooting for him, despite what might happen in the next few weeks in the upcoming caucuses. Let's see what the rest the states do. I'm more interested in what AZ does! I'm not a political buff, it's just interesting and i'm actually an independent voter.

Yes, i do know He is out of focus. Is that Tom Green behind him, In focus??? Obviously, it was crowded in Claim Jumper (where we met him) So, so much for the really great pics! Go Mitt!


Taylor Tree said...

go mitt!!

Robbie, Marsha & London Lueck. said...

Okey! I found you! Crazy how this blog world is so small. I found your blog through some random, friend of a friend. Hope you all are doing great! Sorry we haven't meet up with the girls yet! This week has been crazy and we are doing the potty training thing. Started today through the weekend... we are stuck here!
Rock on! Marsha