Sunday, January 20, 2008

I couldn't write enough

words to explain how much i love my family. i love my little Brielle and here's a bit to share with you about her and us.
We tried for 3+ years and were about ready to do the foster-adopt program with the state. Then we went to the temple and got the impression that we should adopt and do it soon. So a few days after that day we went to our bishop and he sent us a referral to the LDS family services. we went and met with brad S. the day before Thanksgiving in 2005. We started filling out our paperwork and a couple weeks later Brad says to us," you need to hurry and get your papers in. there is a birthmom who needs to see your profile. You guys are what just she's looking for. More happened that night but I'll keep it short. We met family of this birthmom at a Christmas party and we were amazed how God puts us in peoples paths for a reason. In fact, this was the birthmoms aunt , who was living with the birthmom while her house was being built.
We called Brad the next day and finished our papers in the next three days and that Tuesday, the birthmom got to see our profile and she took ours home with a couple other peeps files and fasted about us. Meanwhile we went up to Fallon for Christmas and didn't hear anything until we got back from vacation. Another counselor called us and said, She wants to meet with you in 5 days, is that okay with you? I said, well, what do you mean? she said, she picked you guys and wants to meet you in person.
we were crazy the next few days and when we met Brielle's birthmom, I got this amazing feeling, like i had known her before. At the end of our meeting she said" just so you know, i'm not going to change my mind, unless i have to hand you the baby myself"
A few days later, i met up with her and her mom for lunch and 2 days after that i went to the ER and found out i had a miscarriage. I was approx. 13 weeks. No wonder why i had contractions. that's all i have to say about that. It was horrible and i feel for everyone who has endured such pain.
The next morning the B-mom called and said she was going to the hospital b/c the doc said she's ready! So, the next morning, we got a call and were invited to come to the hospital to see this new baby girl. I just couldn't believe they even wanted us there. I felt like an intruder and an honored guest all at once.

We were surrounded by her family and the birthfather's family and they were all so nice and kind and it was amazingly heart-felt. I can only fathom how the Lord must have felt with His Son.
After the visit and the one the next day we had to wait 4 more agonizing days until placement. BUt of course, it was worth it. When we went into the room with all the birth- family, we saw this little baby girl dressed in her white blessing dress and we cried endlessly. The birth grandfather (who is also a bishop) gave this tiny girl a blessing and asked Brandon to stand in the circle. I don't know if, i've ever heard am ore spiritual blessing full of unselfish love, ever. (i'm wiping my tears already- writing this). he blessed her with so much heart and said something like "even though you were only in our lives for a short time, our love for you will always be eternal". Brandon's knees buckled and he was overcome with emotion. he was crying for so many other reasons than i was. For he too is adopted!

After the blessing and some pictures of red faces and swollen eyes, we exchanged gifts and the birthmom came over to us and placed this tiny girl in my arms! I lost it! I admired this young women for the strength she had which i did not possess.
She placed a little tiny bracelet on her and we all hugged and took a few more pics.

We all departed from that meeting and our life has been changed ever since.
It took us 8 days to name her. We just wanted to make sure what we picked was really her name. She was an easy baby who slept thru the night at 5 weeks old. She barely cried that much b/c we were always holding or slinging her.
7 Months later,and another month after our official court date, we were sealed as a family on Oct, 17th 2006.

I felt like i was on a cloud all that day. she was a doll in the temple and kept looking in he mirrors playing peek with her reflection and our reflections. It was so cute. she was all smiles. (for more on that look back to some of my first blog entries)

She was so much fun to tote around and so happy and playful. she developed pretty fast at her doc. appt.'s she was always on the long and skinny side.

(Some of these pics are out of order-Sorry)

She taught us how to be good parents, safer drivers, and more patient. She has taught us so much more than that.

She's always loved the camera and the water too!

Here's a few more pics throughout the last two years of this little angels life, so far. This was on our adoption court day.

Up at wheeler farms Oct. 2006

The following Easter in her sweet little dress.

She loves being a big sister!

we couldn't be happier with our big girl! She is truly a blessing in our lives!

I only wish i could put every good picture of her on my blog!

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Cristi said...

Thanks for the tear-filled flash-back- we all need a good cry once in a while and especially one with a happy ending! How blessed your family (and ours) is to have Brielle. We love that sweet girl and it's amazing to remember how everything fell into place so quickly. She is lucky to have so many people who love her! I think flashback fridays are my new favorite blog genre! Keep it coming.

Taylor Tree said...

love the tribute.

Idaho Family Circus said...

I agree with Cristi. Brielle has changed our lives forever too. I love her and she is so wonderful! Her sweet voice and her beautiful eyes remind me often that God does answer prayers! I love you .. even though you made me cry too. Oh and Hi brandon! :)

Katrina Madsen Berg said...

what a beautiful post! i've loved hearing bits & pieces of Brielle's story, but this is such a great synopsis of you and Brandon's adventure with that darling lil' angel! luvs