Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas in Fallon!

I feel like i can't write enough about my 2 weeks in Fallon but, i'll give it a shot. I was sad to leave but excited to sleep in my own bed. I had so much fun with my family and friends and wish i could just blink and be where i want to be everyday. That way i could keep all my relationships growing and thriving. But since that's a dream that will have to wait for the afterlife, i will just post more. I felt like i didn't get to see enough of my mom and Carl. I could never have enough of them though. I loved how Brielle would get up every morning and be so happy to see the horses named Buster and Delisha. She says it like Busser and Ba-leesha! She loved feeding them and Brielle and Aria were good sports with the many shopping trips to Reno. Aria slept alot and Brielle learned how to amuse herself with her new sketch pad toy or she would play games nd sings songs to us on the way up to Reno. I got to have a girls party where we did pedicures and got chair massages by Roger- the massage therapist. And a few of us did facials too(provided by Tirza:). This will become a tradition when we come to Fallon. I just wished it could have been longer.
I got to see most of the Nutcracker performed by the Fallon Dance Studio. Kiersten looked fabulous and so did all the little angels and snowflakes and everyone. I remember my friends taking on those rolls. Now they are mothers-different kinds of angels.
I got so see Traci and Erin and their beautiful kids too! It was so nice to visit with these ladies and see how we've all grown and changed for the better. In high school, we were all so very different. Time has shaped our personalities and our spirits in such wonderful ways.

Christmas was wonderful and we all got great gifts for others and from others and Brielle really liked opening her presents this year. But all the things weren't what made it great, it was just being with my family and chilling and goofing off. we stayed a little longer than we thought we would be/c it finally snowed! Brielle got to sled rather, be pulled by us on a sled in the yard. She was a trooper and didn't cry when she would fall off face first into the snow. She would always ask us to pull her faster and i had to laugh so much b/c i remember doing things like this when i was a kid. She was adorable. The next day i went snowboarding with Brad, Tirza, Lottie, Shem, Quinn, Julia and Joe. It was the first time i've left Aria for that long. She did fine and boarding was awesome about 85% of the time. I had the hardest time getting up and had to resort to getting up toe-side every time.So i would have to flip my body around when i landed on my bum. I just don't have the same core strength as i did before having Aria. But after the first run, it was heaven! I love snowboarding and i find it so invigorating and refreshing followed by two days of soreness!!!
well, this is all for now. Here's a few pics of some sweet kiddos!


AHEM said...

sorry i missed it. :(

Idaho Family Circus said...

I love those girls. They are so big and so dang cute! When did they grow up? Aria is so cute and chubby ... I want to kiss those rolls so much ... I love it! Sorry I have not returned calls ... have been REALLY sick. ER and everything. Better now. Will call soon.

Taylor Tree said...

awwww man that sounds like fun!! good ol fallon. sweet little pictures of all the kiddos.

Brad and Erin Lewis said...

Hey, I just wanted to thank you for the "girls night in" it was so much fun. And it was really nice to see you and your family!! We'll have to do it again when you're in town!

Johnstons said...

How fun! I'm jealous you got to be in Fallon for Christmas. Your girls are adorable.


Sounds like you had a great christmas! Hey...Happy birthday yesterday!!