Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Been Busy- Need Vacation...

So, I'm headed to San Diego tomorrow( thursday) and i will be hanging out with my dad and Mary, The beach clan, my brothers and possibly a few other friends. The REAL reason behind the trip is my Aunt Diane is getting SEALED to her husband GLEN in the SD Temple.
This temple is where Brandon and I got Married and also the place of many special memories for me.
On Thursday we will visit, relax and take a walk with MIMI, ( dad and Mary's Dog) and maybe play with the Basso Bunch. Friday we crazy Mommas( erin and me) will take our kids to play in the sand and slides with grandpa in tow! I hope to hit up Ikea for a few necessities( ie. shadow box frame, gallery frames, round mini hatboxes etc..) and Friday night we will do whatever.
Saturday will start with a nice walk to the local park, then to the temple for the sealing then a restaurant, then more time with the family as we watch ANNE in her AIRBAND performance at El Cap! How fun, right?

Sunday we will go to church at 9 amd head back home around 10:30-11. Or possible just leave Monday morning. Hmmm? We shall see.

Good News... My Friend/cousin-in-law( 2 times removed) Hiedi, Just had her baby girl today!) Congrats and also a newly re-aquainted friend from Santee, Angie just had her baby , Zoe, last Saturday . Both girls are healthy and surrounded by love!


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Ivy said...

Hey, my mom mentioned you wanted to get in contact with me. My phone number is 303 963 5971 ( just don't publish this comment please). Call anytime! She mentioned you're planning on moving to our area of the country!